Subject: November 2017 Wine & Cheese Club! ☺

Wine Club Meet-Up! ($5 flight & food!)
Nov. 7th (Tues.) 4-close

Enjoy a special $5 menu including the Wine Club Wine Flight, salads, bruschetta, & the Cheese & Charcuterie of the month!
Mix, mingle & cheers w/ other Barsha Wine Club Members!

Enjoy your goodies from Mixt Studio!
November Wine Club!

How do we welcome the month of giving? By giving you all one of the year’s best selections yet; for Classico, members will enjoy a delightfully crisp and minerally Gruner from Austria as well as an impeccable little known varietal known Schiava from Trento Italy. For our Riserva crew, we’re giving you a show-stopping Riesling and a beautifully crafted Pinot Noir from Mendocino County.
Whether you’ll be drinking these wines along your Thanksgiving feast or simply want  a good quality wine for a Fall celebration, we know these will please.
Classico Club

Bründlmayer Kaiserstiege Grüner Veltliner 2016
Kremstal, Austria

Close your eyes and let this Gruner transport you to the scenic landscape that is Austria during Autumn. Even know we lack those colourful leaves in LA, at least we have this perfectly crisp Gruner to make up for it. This wine has notes of pear, lime, citrus, apricot and even some salinity leaving a unique mouth feel on the palate. What am I grateful for? This gruner!   

 Cantina Valle Isarco Schiava 2015 Trento, Italy
Hailing from the beautiful region of Trento in Northern Italy, this Schiava is an ode to the elegant wines that come from the region. This delicate and harmonious red has aged in Acacia wood casks, giving it its notable almond scent and light tannins. The fruity characteristics that Schiava’s are known for comes out pleasantly when sipping on this wine. Pairs perfectly with turkey, charcuterie and soft cheeses.    

Riserva Club

Siefersheim Riesling vom Porphyr 2014          
Rheinhessen, Germany

With its clear, pale yellow color along with the intense and complex nose, this riesling will truly be the pièce de réstistance during your Thanksgiving dinner-sorry Turkey! Dry and fresh with an invigorating acidity paired with notes of apricot and mint & lemon balm, you’ll find yourself smacking your lips after every sip.

POE Manchester Ridge Pinot Noir 2014    
Mendocino, CA

A true testament to the skill and artwork of the Mendocino winemakers, this Pinot is nothing short of a carefully crafted masterpiece. During harvest, the grapes are picked during the night when the natural acidity is high and flavors are developed, aged in barrels made of 30% new French oak and 70% neutral French oak and kept at low sulfur levels to keep the wines personality and flavors prominent.

Rhubarb, plum, wild black strawberry and pink peppercorn are vivid and enticing factors of this wine. This wines ripe tannins and beautiful depth make this an excellent option for a myriad of dishes.

November Cheese & Charcuterie Club!

 November’s cheese club brings warm fall flavors we hope you all will enjoy. A lovely raw milk cheese from Jura, France is full of savory flavor and fruity finish. We paired this with the most silky, buttery heirloom prosciutto from La Quercia. Our November club is so good, you’ll thank us!
Mousseron Jurassien
Jura, France

Smaller than a wheel of Comté, the Mousseron Jurassien is a firm, raw cow milk tomme crafted in eastern France’s Jura mountains. This marvelous cheese delivers complex flavors derived from the lush vegetation of the region. It is a smaller cheese than its larger cousin, Comté, so the Mousseron Jurassien matures more quickly, developing its full flavor at a younger age. The mushroom name (Mousseron) reflects the distinct flavor which gives this cheese a savory and light fruity finish. This cheese pairs well with Rhône and Merlot-dominant Bordeaux red wines, white Bordeaux, Muscadet, Rieslings, as well as lagers and wheat beers.

La Quercia Berkshire Rosso Heirloom Prosciutto

La Quercia is known for producing some of the best cured meats ever!
Soft, silky, meaty, builds to rich pork flavor with butter cream finish.
Purebred Berkshire, family farm raised, no nontherapeutic antibiotics ever and no antibiotics at all for the last 100 days, vegetarian fed.
Be sure to enjoy with your warm, crisp Barsha Baguette!

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