Subject: June 2017 Wine / Cheese Club! ☺

Wine Club Meet-Up! ($5 flight & food!)
June 7th (Wed.) 4-close

Enjoy a special $5 menu including the "Wine Club Wine Flight", salads, bruschetta, & the Cheese & charcuterie of the month!
Mix, mingle & cheers w/ other Barsha Wine Club Members!

June Wine Club!

  This month’s club is a toast to all father figures, we painstakingly tasted dozens of wines until we found the right ones we thought would be perfect for dad. For whites we chose a juicy albarino for Classico, crisp & elegant gaspare for Riserva. The delicious spicy red for Classico is a tribute to Laura Catena’s legendary winemaker father. Riserva’s warm, complex red is an homage to a well loved grandfather from four sisters. We hope you enjoy these picks as much as we do!

Classico Club
Namorio Albariño Rías Baixas 2015
Galicia, Spain
Namorio is from Bodegas Valdamor. The name is from an ancient Galician tale (Rias Baixas is located in Galicia) about two lovers whose families were enemies. The lovers planted a vine that grew stronger as their love grew, yielding a delicious, golden fruit never seen before. Ever since, the villagers have called the valley “Valdamore,” which means “Valley of Love.” The nose is redolent of peaches & flowers. The 100% fresh palate showcases some lovely peach & melon that are tempered by a nicely balanced minerality. On the whole, dry, medium bodied, crisp, balanced,& oh so satisfying.                                                                                          


D.V. Catena Tinto Historico Tinto Red Blend 2014
Mendoza, Argentina

Blend: 92% Malbec, 8% Petit Verdot
Originally sold in the French-styled bistros of Buenos Aires - the Paris of South America - as the finest wine from the Mendoza region. Made in honor of Don Domingo Catena & his legendary abilities as a Master of the Assemblage, who was famous in the 1930's for his deep dark red wine blend. Drinkable now, they age beautifully for ten to twenty years.
Black fruit and flowers from Uco Valley Malbec laced with spicy Petit Verdot.  Malbec lends freshness and smoothness, while Petit Verdot grants volume and persistence, conferring a lush, rich attack and wonderful length to the blend.

Riserva Club
Massican Colli Orientali del Friuli Gaspare 2015
Friuli-Veneza Guilia, Italy

40% Chardonnay, 35% Ribolla Gialla, 25% Friulano
Massican is named after the coastal mountain range on the southern italian peninsula in the region of campania. monte massico garnered its mythological wine-fame when bacchus took refuge in its foothills with a farmer named falernus. bacchus was so enamored with his host’s generosity that when the man slept, bacchus cultivated his hillside fields into the most sought after white wine grapes in all of italy.
Crisp lime, grapefruit and green papaya flavors are bright, crisp and elegant, set on a smooth, seamless frame. Accents of wild fennel and saline linger on the finish. Tocai Friulano, Ribolla Gialla and Chardonnay. Drink now.

Patros Pietro Calabria IGP 2012
Calabria, Italy

The Patros Pietro (“Father Peter”) is named after the grandfather of the sisters that run the winery.  He was well-loved and respected, and perfect in their eyes.  Patros is a greek word (there is a lot of Grecian influence in the Calabrian region.  Many of their local dialects are based on Greek.)
The wine is 100% Magliocco. This is the most widely-planted grape in the region, however it is mainly used for blends.  Almost no one makes a 100% version, because it is a finicky grape that is difficult to grow and vinify.  So to make a 100% Magliocco is quite a feat!
Complex, fruity, floral and spicy, small fruits,
Violet, myrtle, delicate tobacco notes  Warm, full, soft and tannins in great balanced. They are organic but not certified.
Only about 600 cases made.

June Cheese & Charcuterie Club!

June’s cheeseclub celebrates dad this month! You’ll be delighted by award winning Hopscotch cheddar that’s been washed in Devil’s Canyon Scotch Ale and the Salami Nola by Olympia, a course ground salami that’s full of flavor. As a bonus- we included a customer favorite, our Tunisian Spiced Almonds!
Hopscotch Cheddar by Fiscalini
Fiscalini's aged cheeses are made by hand from the finest milk in California - produced from happy cows, and aged in a special aging rooms, then watched over by master cheesemaker Marino Gonzalez. The curds are rinsed in an award winning Devil's Canyon Scotch Ale which has a deep malt and caramel flavor, with overtones of chocolate and a slight hint of a mild, smoky flavor. This cheese has great cheddar flavor, slices well, and can be used for snacking, sandwiches, or cooking.

Nola Salami by Olympia Provisions
Salumist Elias Cairo, grew up first generation Greek-American with a father who made charcuterie at home. Elias later journeyed to Europe to apprentice, he mastered the art of curing meat and found inspiration in the markets and mountain towns of the old world. Salami Nola (NO-lah) is a coarse-ground Italian salami with black pepper, chili flake & allspice. Allspice gives a nice earthy-ness to the pork, and with a touch of chili, this salami delivers a punch, despite its tiny package.

Tunisian Spiced Almonds
Made fresh daily by our chef Sal! Raw almonds are roasted by hand with olive oil, fresh honey and Tunisian Tabil Spices that come from an old family recipe of Adnen’s. These almonds are a perfect balance of savory, slightly sweet with hints of spice, they are very addictive, so much that all of us at Barsha sneak a handful behind Sal’s back.

Be sure to enjoy with your warm, crisp Barsha Baguette!
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