Subject: VPHi: AVICENNA MEMBERS-ONLY - ANSYS "Enabling Digital Transformation and Materials Compliance for Healthcare" 17 Nov 2020 - 16 CET

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Tomorrow 17 November 2020 at 16 CET the Avicenna Alliance will host the fifth webinar of its webinar series for members-only. 
This monthly initiative has the goal to enable both Avicenna member companies and VPHi Members to get to know each other better and share their knowledge about their main activities, expertise and interests. The series will alternate presentations by academia and industry members.

Webinar title "Ansys: Enabling Digital Transformation and Materials Compliance for Healthcare" by Marc Horner, Ben Conlon and Cátia Crespo

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Materials information is required not only for design decisions during product development, but also for manufacturing, sales, response to customer inquiries, and regulatory compliance. However, the healthcare industry is struggling with materials data traceability throughout the product lifecycle. Identifying restricted substances and ensuring that each substance meets regional statutory requirements introduces additional challenges. The effective use of materials information is therefore business critical. Yet organizations have failed to adopt a systematic approach for managing materials information, resulting in increased exposure to risk, higher development costs, and missed opportunities.

Digital transformation can revolutionize engineering workflows by automating materials data management and ensuring regulatory compliance. Other benefits include automatically establishing the compliance status of materials on a regional basis using analytical and reporting software. Materials data can also be used by simulation engineers to confirm product performance before new materials enter the manufacturing floor. And finally, digitalization of reporting processes can ensure the full traceability of the raw materials data throughout the total product lifecycle: from suppliers to the shop floor to regulators and to patients. This webinar will review the benefits of digital transformation to support these processes.


- Marc Horner is a Sr. Principal Engineer focusing on healthcare applications at Ansys
- Ben Conlon is an Application Engineer focusing on materials and healthcare applications at Ansys
- Cátia Crespo is the Product Manager for Granta MI Restricted Substances focusing on regulatory compliance at Ansys

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