Subject: VPH Newsletter: May 2014

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Monthly newsletter of the Virtual Physiological Human 
for Integrative Biomedical Research
Dear VPH Friends:
I would like to remind you that the 3rd VPH Conference will be held in Trondheim on September 9-12, 2014. The organisers have announced an extension of the deadline for the submission of abstracts (details are in the news below), so you have a few more days to write your best abstract and submit for peer review. 

Let me stress the importance for all historical VPH teams to be present of this event, with both seniors and junior members of the team presenting their latest research. First of all it gives the opportunity to attend the annual General Assembly of the VPH Institute, where I can anticipate this year a number of important things will be discussed and decided. Mostly important it gives to all of us the possibility to meet our VPH fellows, regardless whether they work in cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neuroscience, cancer, etc. In silico medicine is a new science, with no journals and no societies; there is a diaspora that spread VPH researchers in the four corners of the academic world, with the too frequent risk of re-inventing the wheel, or repeating someone else mistakes. If we are serious about VPH research, about in silico medicine, we need to attend the VPH conference, with our best research and with our best people. As a Director of large research institute myself, I am fully aware of how expensive is to attend conferences nowadays. But having your post-docs working three years on something wrong, that could be avoided “if only I knew what those guys in neurosciences did”, would surely be more expensive. To help the VPH Institute has funded five travel awards:

I also wish to bring to your attention the call for supporting members, which will close at the end of July. Becoming a supporting member will give you the opportunity to hold a seat in the board of directors of the Institute and to effectively drive the VPH initiative. 
We look forward to working with motivated people to ensure the success of this important research stream.
Best Regards
Marco Viceconti
VPH Institute Executive Director
Drive the VPH initiative: become a supporting member!
Supporting members are the true engine of our organization. Don’t miss out this  opportunity! The call is open till the end of July! 
Who forms the BoD? 
The BoD is composed 
by the representatives 
of the supporting 
members, which every 
year are selected 
through a public call. 
What are the benefits?
Being part of the BoD will allow you to effectively drive the Institute policy, setting agendas and proposing actions. Your institution will also gain special discounts and visibility.
How to apply?
Send us a letter of commitment by the
end of July.
 In the Q&A section 
you will find all the punctual information on the call. For any further question contact us.
Adoption of Council Regulation on 
Innovative Medicines Initiative
The EC adopted the Regulation of the Innovative  Medicines Initiative (IMI2) public-private partnership, the joint undertaking between the European Union and EFPIA that will replace IMI. Read more
Launch of Public Consultation on Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)
Council conclusion on the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI)
European Reference Networks  
Submit a proposal for the 2nd Fed4FIRE Competitive Call
The clock is ticking... don't miss the new deadlines for VPH2014:
  • Abstracts submitted as oral presentations: June 15
  • Abstracts submitted as poster presentations: July 15
  • New Early bird registration deadline: July 1
More information on:
VPH Success stories: on line questionnaire
The VPH Institute has created an on-line questionnaire to collect examples of successful VPH projects. The best ones will be used as flagship of the VPH research in the future communication activities towards European policy makers to ensure the VPH potentials are largely disseminated and supported. DEADLINE: June 30th
NewsMedical reports that stiff arteries alone are enough to cause high blood pressure in "virtual human"
Download the second newsletter of VPH-PRISM - Towards Personalising Breast Cancer Therapy
Block the date for the next Avicenna event: 
Lyon (France), 30-31 Oct, 2014
ECCB2014 - slots available for the VPH-Share workshop
§ Redefining the Self: Biological and Philosophical Perspectives
 23-24 June, 2014 - Universitè Paris-Sorbonne, Paris
19-20 June, 2014 - Berlin, Germany
§ ECCB'14
7-10 September, 2014 - Strasbourg
We need your support to ensure that the Virtual Physiological Human is fully realised, universally adopted, and effectively used both in research and clinic.
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