Subject: VPH2014- Deadline extension

Virtual Physiological Human Conference 2014
Extended Deadlines
September 9-12, 2014, Trondheim - Norway
Dear Colleague:

We have decided to extend the deadlines for abstract submissions a few weeks in order to give those of you who were not able to meet the May 15 deadline a second chance to contribute to the VPH2014 conference programme.

I sense that quite a few experimental biologists, functional and statistical genomics researchers, bio-informaticians, engineers involved in developing new measurement technology for biology, and even molecular systems biologists, feel that the VPH conferences are not relevant for their own research goals. For the lion’s share of those cases where these research goals are rationalised by their potential value for predictive, preventive and participatory medicine this is a misconception.

A unique feature of the VPH community is its cultivation of strong transdisciplinary ties between the life sciences, the mathematical sciences and engineering throughout the whole spectrum of basic, translational and applied research. Thus a VPH conference offers several opportunities for discovering new and innovative ways to pursue your research goals as well as new avenues that may enhance the impact of of your research results.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the expansion of a vibrant VPH community, to make new professional alliances and to get intellectually nourished by colleagues both within your professional domain and in other domains that may boost your own R&D programme.

Welcome to an exciting conference in beautiful Norway in September!

Best regards,

Stig W. Omholt
VPH2014 Conference Chair
  • Abstracts submitted as oral presentations: June 15
  • Abstracts submitted as poster presentations: July 1
  • New Early bird registration deadline: July 1
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