Subject: Flat Earthers Are The Most Dedicated Trolls Ever

What do you think, are Flat Earthers dedicated trolls, government plants, or just dumb?
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Flat Earthers Are The Most Dedicated Trolls Ever
By Joe Jarvis - June 26, 2018

Have you ever been to the ocean? Good, then you know the Flat Earth Theory is wrong. Ships masts appear first on the horizon.

The theory states that the earth is not actually a sphere, but rather disc-shaped with a domed ceiling.

On the website for the Flat Earth Society the first two questions in their FAQ are: “Are you serious?” and “Are you controlled opposition?” The answers are Yes, they are serious, and No, they are not controlled opposition.

Controlled opposition refers to a group posing as legitimate and spontaneous, but actually created by the government for some purpose, which we will get to later on.

I’m not convinced this is a government operation, but rather some first class dedicated trolls.

And yet, there are all these straight-faced flat-earthers out there who swear that what they say is the truth.

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