Subject: The Benefits of Being Selfish

Do you feel guilty for doing things for yourself? Or resentful when you sacrifice for others?
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The Benefits of Being Selfish
By Luken Surge - June 25, 2018

Selfishness: The Pros and Cons

In a collectivist society selfishness is treated as the antithesis of civilization. It easy to find articles on the evils of selfishness, but harder to find resources addressing the benefits. In fact, it is almost impossible to find many resources on it at all–apart from Ayn Rand quotes.

But she was right about the upside of selfishness. It is important to understand when to be selfish.

If society was filled with the type of selfishness that exploits and victimizes, clearly that would be bad. But positive selfishness can actually make society healthier.

What does good selfishness looks like compared to negative selfishness?

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