Email Campaign Archive, 10 Sep 2019 15:09:36 -0500 15:09:36 -0500The mad-scientist who pioneered the CIA’s mind-control experiments 16:09:59 -0500How “Unschooling” Can Benefit your child and the world 16:09:49 -0500The king of Ponzi schemes was an amateur compared to this 14:08:37 -0500Oops… best climate change solution doesn’t involve government control 16:08:27 -0500If it please the crown, may I work for a living? 16:08:38 -0500How I accidentally stumbled into the real-life setting of my story 17:08:28 -0500What a Nobel Peace Prize, the Federal Reserve, and endless war have in common 14:08:49 -0500This indicator says silver has biggest upside potential in 30 years 19:07:36 -0500Imagine if you could vote “none of the above” 18:07:52 -0500Hospital staff blamed for not realizing “man” was pregnant 17:07:52 -0500Sometimes you just need to start from scratch 17:07:40 -05005 reasons Independence Day is for the anti-government rebels 19:06:02 -05005 signs you’re actually a Puritan psychopath 18:06:16 -0500What ever happened to the radical conservative? 14:06:20 -0500Even building code enforcement is too much power for government 16:06:00 -0500Fake News does more for real journalism than “real journalism” 16:06:58 -0500Don’t forget the “Galt’s Gulch Tactic.” Shrug-off the government. 15:05:42 -0500Monsanto is finally getting a taste of its own poison 17:05:12 -05005 Controversial Books That Teach You How to Manipulate People 19:04:06 -0500A horrible future awaits for anyone who depends on government 16:04:16 -0500How to Turn America into a Shit-hole Country in 4 Easy Steps 18:04:27 -0500Guess who ends up paying those taxes meant only for the rich… 17:04:13 -0500Name ONE TIME a government program accomplished its goal 16:04:31 -0500Where some see a monopoly, others see an opportunity 18:03:45 -05005 ways to reclaim the “free-range” neighborhood 15:03:30 -0500Could free-range kids become the norm again? 19:03:45 -0500Cancer Cops, UK Knife Crime, and Fleeing Taxes (Video News Brief) 20:03:17 -0500The Cavemen Capitalist: how wealth was created from nothing 19:03:45 -0500Why “climate change deniers” are better for the environment than politicians 22:03:12 -0500Watch: A Venezuelan Sets the Record Straight on Juan Guaido and US Intervention 16:03:15 -0500Best 5 States to Avoid High Property Taxes 20:02:37 -0500The art of only being outraged at things that don’t matter 17:02:37 -0500Trump vs. the FBI: Who are the good guys? 21:02:10 -0500Dear Socialists: The People HAVE Seized the Means of Production… Using Capitalism. 17:02:15 -0500Yes, Democrats DID start the Ku Klux Klan (and it's still the party of racism) 19:02:06 -0500The real reason 4 cops got shot in Houston last week 15:01:37 -0500After all these years, “F*ck tha Police” is still protected free speech 17:01:33 -0500Whatever Mueller Finds, Gag-Orders and No-Knock Raids Should Appall EVERYONE. 19:01:11 -0500How “Deep-Fakes” Could Actually Protect Privacy 16:01:30 -0500How the Shutdown Shows Us Exactly Where to Start Cutting Government 19:01:12 -05003 Ways the Government Shutdown forecasts a totally boring federal collapse 16:01:39 -0500Woman's march cancelled: participants had the wrong skin color 16:01:51 -0500Why School Has Nothing to Do With Students 18:01:49 -0500This is what keeps us working for the man 18:12:21 -0500Guess What These Four Fastest Growing States Have in Common… 15:12:51 -0500Handcuffed for Homeschooling? Paperwork Dispute Gets Ugly 14:12:56 -0500Seven ways to survive a holiday political discussion 14:12:21 -0500Do you really have to go to work? 17:12:41 -0500There’s No Such Thing as Equality in Sexual Relationships 18:12:22 -0500I Can’t Afford to Live in this Private Community. And I Wish Everywhere Was Like This. 20:12:26 -0500One Chicken? That will be 14 million Bolivars… or .03 Dash 16:12:46 -0500Name One Government Agency that Doesn’t Do the Exact Opposite of its Purpose 20:12:42 -0500Video: Why ADD and ADHD are Fake Disorders 18:11:42 -0500To Save Lives, We Need More Conflicts. And a Strong Economy Needs More Failure. 17:11:37 -0500Do taxes make Americans less charitable? 16:11:51 -0500Ohio to accept Bitcoin for tax payments… but DC always wants a cut 20:11:55 -0500Get the Pitchforks, the rich kids have nice jackets 14:11:21 -0500How Not to be a Turkey on Thanksgiving 18:11:48 -0500Did the “Second Confederacy” begin November 6, 2018? 19:11:10 -0500Work Remote? These Cities, States, and Countries offer crazy incentives to move there 20:11:31 -0500Video: Why Secession is the Only Peaceful Path Forward for the USA 19:11:12 -0500You Can Cut Taxes, Boost the Economy, and Reform Education with this One Simple Step 15:11:32 -0500Why the most expensive military ever still can't win a war 20:11:25 -0500How Secession from the Soviet Union Created Booming Economies and Innovative Government 14:11:42 -0500Why More Gridlock in Congress is Good for America 18:11:04 -0500How do we keep getting dragged into this electoral spectator sport? 17:11:58 -0500What Causes a Normal Election to Spiral into Tribal Warfare? 20:11:05 -05006 Creative Ways to Homeschool While Continuing to Work 19:10:39 -05006 Reasons to Start Homeschooling ASAP 19:10:02 -05003 Steps to Get the Government Out of Your Life 18:10:40 -0500If We Ignore Government, Will It Go Away? 15:10:36 -0500Will there ever be a "freedom loving" majority? And do we even need there to be? 16:10:56 -0500Was This “Tattle-Tale Culture” Encouraged by Public Schools? 17:10:17 -0500How Elizabeth Warren Got Trolled By Trump 17:10:32 -0500Several States pass New Gold Laws—Reason why is incredible… 14:10:18 -0500Several States pass New Gold Laws—Reason why is incredible… 18:10:25 -0500Why Competing Currencies is the Solution to a Collapsing Dollar 17:10:48 -0500How States Can Escape America’s Looming Financial Meltdown 17:10:04 -0500What Sears' Bankruptcy Says About Amazon's Future 19:10:02 -0500To Save Humanity, Stop Caring About So Many Problems 19:10:21 -0500How Jury Duty Gives You the Power to Erase Bad Laws 19:10:28 -0500Why Your Vote Hasn’t Mattered Since 1913 18:10:25 -0500Why Nobody Trusts the FBI… and that’s a good thing 16:10:07 -0500The Secret Algorithm That Could Send You to Prison, Take Your Kids, or Crash Your Car 16:09:54 -0500How to Have Power Over the Big Tech Companies (And Still Use Their Products) 17:09:26 -0500The Real Reason the Government Won’t Hold Big Tech Accountable 15:09:38 -0500Why These Five States Would Be Better Independent Countries 17:09:18 -0500Video: How School Holds Kids Back. Retired Public School Teacher and Homeschool Parent Discuss 15:09:46 -0500Politicians–Not Hurricanes–Ensure Shortages 12:09:02 -0500Why An Ideal Society Would be Based on Consent 18:09:10 -0500Why You Still Feel Like a Kid in Your Twenties. The Real Reason 30 is the New 20 18:09:25 -0500Here's The Criticism Jeff Bezos and Amazon Actually Deserve... 16:09:03 -0500Imagine Being Personally Targeted by a Senator’s Law 19:09:32 -05005 Examples of the Rise of German Free-Speech Nazis 15:09:56 -0500Working Teens Dragged Back to School By Bounty Hunters 12:08:50 -0500The Terrifying Paintings by ArtificiaI Intelligence 13:08:11 -0500American Citizens Imprisoned Without Due Process. But There’s An Easy Fix 17:08:26 -0500Businesses are Regulating Themselves Before the Government Gets the Chance 16:08:33 -0500Imagine if You Could Choose Who Gets to Sue You 17:08:47 -0500Why You Should Forget School and Let Kids Play 16:08:29 -0500Travel Wasn't Fulfilling Until I Changed Why I Travel 15:08:22 -0500Before Public Roads, Private Companies Did It Better 16:08:23 -0500Vicious Cycle: How Government “Solutions” Spiral into Bigger Problems 17:08:58 -0500Who Needs Borderless Nations if you have Borderless People? 17:08:37 -0500There is No Place for Compulsory Schooling in a Civilized Society 18:07:24 -0500Why Wait for it to Happen? The Media Now Invents News Stories From the Future 17:07:14 -0500Why No Information Should Be Off Limits 17:07:57 -0500CDC Breeds Fear Over Salmonella in Backyard Chickens. Here’s the real risk. 18:07:54 -0500How to Use Stoicism to Live Free in a Restrictive World 18:07:36 -0500Why the Media is Desperate to Reclaim its “Gatekeeper” Status for News 15:07:48 -0500These 5 Sectors Will Boom as Robots Take More Jobs 16:07:42 -0500The state of New Jersey just signed its own death warrant 20:07:41 -0500Here’s a great example of a company using Blockchain to solve a real problem 19:07:48 -0500Why You Should Stop Caring and Start Doing What You Love 16:07:02 -0500Kidnappers: The Tyranny of Child Protective Services Across the Nation 16:07:54 -0500What if We Treated Public Schools as Monopolies? 18:07:22 -0500Federal Loans Steer Students down a Difficult, Debt-Ridden Path—But There Are Other Promising Paths 18:07:45 -0500How to Create Your Own Personal Gold Standard and Currency Reserve 18:06:30 -0500Libertarian? Conservative? Classic Liberal? Leftivists don’t just believe you’re a bad person — they WANT to believe it 17:06:36 -0500Flat Earthers Are The Most Dedicated Trolls Ever 14:06:56 -0500The Benefits of Being Selfish 17:06:50 -0500Webinar Reminder: Test 17:06:24 -0500Taxi Driver Suicides is Latest Propaganda Push Against Uber 13:06:08 -0500In 1944, an experiment was done in this Nazi medical center… 17:06:31 -0500Get Ready for Online Sales Tax as Supreme Court Screws Small Online Businesses 16:06:27 -0500Patients Without Borders: The Rise of Medical Tourism 15:06:41 -0500Oncologists Protest After Officials Release True Cause Of Cancer 15:06:26 -0500Oncologists Protest After Officials Release True Cause Of Cancer 16:06:49 -0500Study Confirms Most Psychopaths Live in Washington D.C. 18:06:00 -0500If You Think “Rights Don’t Exist,” You are Contributing to the Collapse of Civilization 16:06:42 -050018 Best Skills for the Gig Economy and Financially Freedom 19:06:03 -0500Gay Guys That Like Guns: Jeff Bloovman Interview on Armed Gays 18:06:56 -05006 Facts: What Happens When Local Newspapers Shut Down 18:06:10 -0500How Should We Think About Public Policy Proposals? Government-By-Unicorn 17:06:31 -0500HART: Homeland Security’s Massive New Database Will Include Face Recognition, DNA, and Peoples’ “Non-Obvious Relationships” 18:06:35 -05005 Ways Mushrooms Will Save The World 17:06:38 -0500Please Deny Me Service For My Beliefs. Seriously. 16:06:32 -0500David Hogg Just Got “SWATTED”. Here’s Why That’s So Messed Up. 19:06:27 -0500America’s Long-Term Challenge #4: Erosion of the Middle Class 14:06:36 -0500New World Order: Empire of the Internet, One World Marketplace 17:06:08 -0500“Teen Culture” is the New Imperialism, and it is Destroying the World 18:05:26 -0500How Roger Williams Started a Free Society 18:05:06 -0500It’s the System Stupid! Selective Outrage Will Not End Government Abuses 16:05:31 -0500Britain Has Fallen: Journalist Jailed for Covering Child Sex Trafficking Trial 16:05:46 -0500Why an Illegal Phone Search Got This Man Kicked Out of the USA 17:05:47 -0500When Things Fall Apart: A Graduation Message for a Dark Age 18:05:32 -0500Update: Police and Surveillance State Rebuked by Courts 15:05:28 -0500HUGE opportunity in Puerto Rico… and the developed country whose looming debt crisis is far worse 17:05:26 -05004 Common Capitalism Myths Debunked 19:05:31 -0500Study: Climate Change Activists are Hypocrites 17:05:02 -0500Individualism is a Product, But It Has Never Truly Been Available… Until Now