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President's Corner
I had so much fun earlier this week talking with Maureen Sullivan Trevalt who is our keynote speaker on Sunday, October 5th at NNBA’s 29th Annual Educational Conference. Maureen’s wealth of knowledge, passion for nursing and education, and her ability to engage people makes her an excellent teacher and a captivating lecturer. She is a Certified Emergency Nurse, Certified Diabetic Educator, and the former manager of a hospital stroke program. Maureen’s Health and Humor Show is an award winning weekly internet podcast that combines health information with humorous news and stories, as well as the lame joke of the week! Make sure to make your hotel reservations and receive the group discount rate $114 using the Group Name: National Nurses in Business Association or NNBA. We are also offering an early bird discount of $50, but only until August 15th, so don’t miss out on savings! Enter "ebird" in the coupon box when registering for the conference.

Have you been out to lately? NNBA’s Web Development team is rocking it and continues to improve the website’s look and functionality. In the next couple of weeks, we are launching an interactive calendar which is viewed by the public but exclusive to NNBA members input. Members that have events such as workshops, seminars and presentations can add them to this calendar. Our website is very popular with thousands visiting each month with the average view time of over four minutes! Nurses that aren't members can access the calendar to stay up to date with many valuable nursing events going on around the country. The initial results of the beta testing have been very positive and we will release this feature in the near future.

Fourth of July has me thinking about what our forefathers risked to ensure our independence and have the ability to govern ourselves. It’s pretty incredible the price individuals are willing to pay for freedom. Well, I think nurses are pretty incredible too! Thousands of Nurse Entrepreneurs have made the decision to use their nursing license independently to become their own boss, express their potential and make additional income on their own terms. So this 4th of July, let's celebrate freedom and independence.

All the best,

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A Few Laughs...

No matter how big and bad you are; when a two year old hands you a toy phone, you answer it!
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Living your best life...
NNBA Members Spotlight
Renee Thompson
CEO and President, RTConnections, LLC

Dr. Renee Thompson is a true champion for nurses. After more than 23 years as a nurse, nurse educator and nurse executive, Renee has become one of our country’s leading authorities on nurse bullying, clinical and professional competence, and nursing culture.

As the CEO and President of RTConnections, Renee has been repeatedly published, interviewed, and awarded for her work to educate, connect and inspire current and future nurses. Renee is the published author of several books and speaks nationwide to healthcare organizations and academic institutions motivating her audience at keynote addresses, professional conferences, workshops, and seminars. Her presentations and seminars focus on improving clinical and professional competence, eliminating nurse-to-nurse bullying, effective communication and leadership, building a positive and healthy workplace, and nurturing a culture of respect.

To stay connected with nurses, Renee continues to practice as a bedside nurse.

You can learn more about Renee and contact her through the NNBA Member's Directory and through her website listed below.

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