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June 15, 2014
President's Corner
Recently the Orange County Business Journal published a Special Report on Healthcare. The tagline read “Nurse Shortage No More…” Each of the major hospital’s CNO’s were interviewed and all said they were turning nurses away. We need to reach out to these nurses ranging from graduate nurses to experienced nurses so they can become aware of the many business options available to nurses. There are many ways to promote the NNBA and its membership. Below, in the articles of interest you will see me on the cover of Nurses FYI Magazine. I was honored to write a feature article for Rich Williams, the founder of the magazine and promote the NNBA. Please make sure to take advantage of the free gift that Rich is giving to NNBA News members!

NNBA’s 29th Annual Educational Conference is now less than 4 months away. Don’t forget to save the dates October 4-5, 2014. Several Exhibitors and Sponsors have secured their tables and attendance. Dan Poynter’s pre-conference Friday from 1PM-5PM is generating lots of excitement where he will be working with nurses interested in writing, publishing and promoting their stories. His keynote Saturday is “Turning Nursing Knowledge into Books.” Our member’s spotlight is Dr. Louise Jakubic and she is presenting “Jump Start Your Speaking Career.” In addition to being a very successful nurse business owner, Louise was awarded the prestigious CSP designation from the National Speakers Association. Only 10% of speakers ever earn this credential!

Check out who Oprah calls the perfect entrepreneur and the great article on the 7 reason’s your website may not deliver. Some of you may not be aware that we started a thread in the member’s forum titled “Ask the Nerd.” This is a tremendous value NNBA is providing where you can ask website and general technology questions. I would be “knee deep” in trying to manage my websites without the technical support that I receive. Finally in honor of Father’s Day, enjoy the article and video via Mashable. 

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Articles of Interest

Oprah Calls This Person the "Perfect Entrepreneur" | Entrepreneur
In this interview, the talk-show legend talks to this founder about the passion that inspired him to launch Whole Foods as well as the mindfulness, creativity, adventure and love that goes into running the billion-dollar business. Mackey talks about how at age 23 he became the food buyer for a co-op he was living in. The more he learned, the more interested he became in the business of organic food. Read More

7 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn't Deliver | Forbes
Your website is the face of your small business. For the vast majority of consumers, that’s all they know about your business – and what they see and experience there directly influences the ultimate decision about whether or not to purchase your products or services. As a result, every effort should be made to design and build a site that’s visually pleasing, easy to navigate and answers a customer’s question.
But many small business websites are flawed, with some critical errors that blunt a customer’s desire to buy and keep the business from growing. Here are seven reasons why these websites fail to deliver. 
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Why Being 50 (or Older) Is Just Right for Entrepreneurship | Entrepreneur
Some older entrepreneurs are figuring out how to draw from retirement savings to finance the business of their dreams.

Jim Butenschoen, left the IT industry to start a hair-design academy in Arkansas. Randal Smith, exited the corporate world to open an optical retail business in Missouri with his wife.

Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurship isn’t just for 20-year-old kids writing code in their college-dorm rooms. According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity: In 2012, almost a quarter of new businesses were started by entrepreneurs 55 and older, a spike from 14 percent in 1996.
 Read More

Dove Redifines "Dad" in Emotional-Punching Father's Day Ad | Mashable
Dove is hoping its newest ad will spotlight the unsung heroes of the family - fathers.

Released just in time for Father's Day, the one-minute spot features 27 priceless and fleeting moments of fatherhood, from the father-daughter dance at a wedding to fixing car troubles to piggy back rides.

While the sweet ad will likely leave you misty-eyed, it also highlights what Dove believes is the unfair portrayal of fathers in the media. In a recent survey conducted with 1,000 fathers, Dove Men+Care asked what qualities best described TV dads (think Ward Cleaver or Phil Dunphy). The most popular answers included "disconnected," "bumbling" and "incompetent." 
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Nurses in Business | Nurses fyi

Most people don’t really get the idea of a nurse in business. Their concept is only of nurses involved in direct patient care and working in traditional settings. When I meet people and they find out I am a nurse, their next question always is “what hospital do you work in?” Explaining that I work in a corporate or entrepreneurial setting, their eyebrows furrow and their next comment is “so you are no longer a nurse.” I am still a nurse although I am an unconventional nurse. Still driven by my passion to help others and make a difference each day but in a different way than a conventional setting.

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3. Tap Subscribe.
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5. Enter the code freefor3.

That gives you a free three month subscription. Thank you Rich from the NNBA!

NNBA Members Spotlight
Louise D. Jakubik
President and Chief Learning Officer

Dr. Louise Jakubik is a pediatric nursing and workforce development expert. She is a seasoned national speaker, consultant, and author who is dedicated to building and developing nurses in clinical practice and leadership. She is a leading authority on the pediatric nursing certification review process, pediatric laboratory interpretation, nursing career development and mentoring. Dr. Jakubik is a certified speaking professional (CSP), the highest international recognition for speaking professionals, and is known for her down-to-earth presentation style and her ability to make hard content seem easy. 

Louise received her doctorate in nursing education and leadership at Widener University School of Nursing. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she received her BSN and MSN in the acute and chronic nursing of children combined pediatric nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist graduate program. In addition, Louise is certified as a staff development specialist.

Louise has more than fifteen years of experience as a pediatric nurse working in a variety of roles. These roles include staff nurse, pediatric nurse practitioner, and clinical nurse specialist.

You can learn more about Louise and contact her through the NNBA Member's Directory and through her websites listed below.

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