Subject: "why don't you commit suicide?" | 3 night regional revival

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Why don't you commit suicide? 

Not the most comforting consideration. But it was posed to me. And to all who have read Victor Frankl’s “Man's Search for Meaning.” In the atrocity of a Nazi concentration camp, stripped of everything, Frankl was confronted with this question. It’s a question we all must answer. Because contained therein is our life's meaning.

Why is this so important right now? Fr. Mike Scanlan’s 1976 prophecy (GO) speaks of complete economic collapse. Churches boarded up. Civil unrest. This resonates with public and private revelation. If we are anchored in these institutions, if we derive our life's meaning in these, we’re destined to collapse with them. On the other hand, if we are rightly anchored in Jesus Christ, it won’t matter if everything collapses. (Matt. 7:24-27)

What are we to do? God’s part is revelation. Our part is response. Our response, at the very heart, must be an affirmation that Jesus Christ is Lord. That means He is over all. He made us for Himself. So we seek and hold nothing for ourselves. We seek to live totally and completely for Him. This life is but a shadow of eternity. Paved by the cross. The occasion of victorious, joy-filled life radiating within us. Each step. There is no other way.

Where are we at with this? How would we do with total economic collapse? How about a minor quarantine? Or a longer checkout line? Or a lippy teenager? We can profess and practice religion all we want, but let’s be brutally honest: Our inner discord reveals the degree to which we are or are not really living for Jesus Christ. Anchored in Him. Worshiping Him. On the path to salvation.

Do you want to be there? Are you willing to do something about it? Years down the road, what will be said of us? 

The vision. Three weeks before George Floyd, I was “haunted” by a vision. Nights on end. People were coming to some large, public gathering place. From every corner. In large numbers. Every demographic. Bearing the love of Jesus Christ. They were simply praying with one another. Anyone who happened by. With any need. There was an overwhelming sense of God’s presence. Transformation was happening. The angst, anger, worry, shame, fear etched in people’s faces became radiant with unspeakable joy, freedom and delight. Relationships were restored. Crutches and wheelchairs were cast aside.

Of course, this vision is not unique to me. It’s what Jesus promised. Revealed throughout the ages. What we pray for with every Our Father. “Thy Kingdom come.”

Then, in real life, George Floyd happened. With all that means. And in real life, the types of gatherings were quite the contrast to this vision. People filled with rage broke out in public places. Broke public places. Filling our global, spiritual atmosphere with vitriol. Vandalism. Violence.

And I was pressed to consider:
Is what moves them greater than what we profess moves us? Enough to overcome doubts. Fears. Reservations. Which supernatural power will rule the day? Which is more powerful? To which do we belong?

In this moment in human history, the bright light is shining on you and me. If not us, who? If not now, when? The measure of our profession is on the stand: “Go into the world and make disciples.” (Matt. 28) “Shout it from the rooftops.” (Pope St. John Paul II)

The invitation. It’s time. These days were made for making saints. There's never been a greater urgency. A greater need for us to earnestly seek the heart of the Father. To return to Him with our whole hearts. To step out onto the water. To overcome our doubts, debris and discord that we might be flooded with the Holy Spirit. To overflow.

Next week we’re leading a regionwide, ecumenical three-night revival. Wednesday through Friday, July 15-17, 6:00-8:30P at the Swan Creek Pavilion (Airport HWY side). Each night will involve uplifting worship, story, message and outpouring led by some very anointed leaders. No, they’re not Catholics. But as Augustine said, “All that’s true is ours.” (Each have expressed how moved they are by the witness of intentional Catholics eager to break out. To bring it. That's you and me.)

With all that’s going on in the world, together we are moved by a deep conviction that now is the time: When evangelicals rediscover their Catholic roots, and Catholics rediscover their evangelical wings, we’ll be one Church claiming this world for the Kingdom.

Please click "REGISTER FREE" below and join us. Please share this with anyone and everyone. Please join us in seeking to claim this part of our world for Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit, come!

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