Subject: Letter to Good Friends | TOMORROW

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Greetings in Christ Jesus!
I want to share with you what's been playing out with us over the past month. 

 all this mayhem began, the Holy Spirit put a overwhelming vision on my heart. 

Over the week, I couldn't shake it. Often in the middle of the night. I was seeing an ever-growing sea of people gathering. In public places. There were flags that said "Prayer Place." People were praying with and for whomever approached. I saw looks of fatigue, anguish, and consternation transformed into such serenity, joy and delight. I saw tears and embraces of reconciliation. 
I saw crutches and wheel chairs cast aside. 

It wasn't just for a moment. It did not end. Like a spark set to parched kindling, it took to flame. Building with such a holy ferocity. Fanning out faster and faster. Further and further.

AMIDST ALL THIS, I SO STRONGLY SENSED THE LORD PROCLAIMING: "I want to pour out my blessing, healing, mercy, and love.... I want to be the heartbeat of you and every person. I want to be the heartbeat of every relationship. I want to be the heartbeat of this and every city."

SO, AFTER DAYS OF "HAUNTING" I had to share this vision. (I needed to sleep!) Along with my family, particularly my son, John Paul, along with many of you now reading this... two men were always there. Jon Kynard and Igor Beaufils. Brothers in Christ striving after the Father's heart... who have blessed my life, to join me in praying for this vision.

IT DID NOT MATTER that, just two weeks later, the world might reduce us to "white" and "black." What matters is what God sees: Brothers and sisters kindred in the heart of Christ. For the Kingdom.

SINCE WE LIT THE MATCH through "One Heart One City" on Facebook and at, the flame has been spreading.

Greg Schlueter

Our first stand to reclaim hearts, relationships and our cities. 
Bring your needs. Your brokenness. Your heavy hearts. Your fears, hopes and dreams. God wants to move in you.

WHEN: Saturday, June 13, 3-5P.

WHERE: Swan Creek Metropark Pavilion (Airport HWY side).

HOW: It's free. Please go HERE to get updates.

If you are moved to pray with us for and over others, please go HERE. We'll be gathering before at 2P.
Tomorrow 3-5P. Swan Creek Pavilion.
It's time we break out.
7433 Fox Lane, Holland, OH 43528, United States
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