Subject: Your power to change the world.

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Catholic members of the U.S. Senate refuse to protect the lives of children, even those who might survive a botched abortion. Catholic Church leaders keep calling for transparency but destroy documents. Catholic marriages and families exhibit all the brokenness and frailty of the unbaptized.

Seriously, What the hell? (Let's keep this real.)

Our world needs more than those who might merely PROFESS IT.
It needs the compelling witness of those actually striving to LIVE IT

We can say all we want about the darkened world around us.As St. John Paul II proclaimed, "The future of humanity passes by way of the family." Humanity reflects what is or is not happening in our homes. If we're not fostering cultures of ever-deepening encounter with Jesus Christ there, we're abandoning them to the darkness. We're depriving the world of light it so desperately needs to see.

As parents, nothing surpasses this supreme call. We've been entrusted by God to form authentic, passionate believers of Jesus Christ. Difference makers. Game changers. Disciple-makers.

We're called to form our children...
Who authentically and ever more deeply encountering Jesus Christ.
Who seek intimate connection with Him at the heart of everything they do.
Who radiate a joy and exude God's purpose and power.
Who surround themselves with mission-purposed others. 
Who are attuned to the world through God's eyes.
Who are passionate and intentional about claiming the world for Him.

Who speak the truth in love, particularly in the fog of moral relativism.
Who have the heart of the Father for everyone they encounter.

Whose parents give compelling witness of striving after all the above. 

Successful parenthood requires more than "observant Catholicism." Defined moments of Catholic instruction and prayer. Entrusting them to the care of teachers. Jumping through all the hoops.

Successful parenthood is measured by the degree to which those entrusted to us foster cultures of ever-deepening encounter with Jesus Christ with those entrusted to them

Do you see this happening? Do you desire it to happen?

If we're not doing it now, what's the chance they will do it then?  
Our children may have all the appearance of godly hearts. They may play the part while they have to. While they're under your roof. But if they haven't really encountered Jesus Christ, to the point of being claimed by Him, so they can claim for Him, in their deepest heart... what they do have will be stolen. Like seeds scattered on fallow ground.

The Good News:
Whether your children are older or younger, if you'd like to get on the road to a much greater degree, if you want to more fully discover God alive in your spouse and children, in your home, if you want to discover and live your purpose and power beyond anything you've ever experienced, if you truly want to change the world, so does God. And He's offering every opportunity to do so. He's doing His part. It's now up to you.

Don't wait for it to be popular, exciting or easy.
Engage because you know this is your most important mission.
Engage because you know this is what it means to be a parent.
Engage because this is the solitary measure of your success as a parent.

How? Commit with us to just 45 minutes a week for seven weeks.
With our free, weekly Live IT (LIT) Gathering Guide we make it fun and easy to talk and pray based upon subsequent Sunday readings.

Yes, you'll have to overcome push back, awkwardness, inadequacy, doubt and even fear. You'll have to speak boldly into a device-addicted home culture. You'll have to change the atmosphere by a declaration (best to inform them days in advance at a time that works). But do it anyways!. Because God is calling you. Because your children need you.

If you get on the road, be prepared for relational meaning, depth, delight, and beauty the likes of which you've never experienced.

As a parent, know you've been appointed and anointed to make it happen. To put a flag in the sand. To see this moment as the beginning of a major success story for all eternity.

What is the Family Road Trip?
Meet the Ericksons, Langenderfers, Millers and Noltners...

Over the next seven weeks of Live IT (LIT) Season 4 we'll be following four AWESOME families seeking to Live IT in their homes. Their mission? Greater encounter with God more fully alive in their marriages and families. We'll be sharing new audio updates every week. Our first audio episode of Family Road Trip begins next week. Stay tuned! 

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