Subject: Heroes or Villains? The choice is ours.

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Was this child's life less valuable, less human, less worthy of protection one day earlier (before birth)?

Traffic laws. Building codes. Health laws. Is there any other law where one's liberty interests come ahead of another's life interests?

Is there a single story, movie, book ever where a humane person doesn't root for the hero? Is a hero defined by sacrifice of self for other, or sacrifice of other for self?

Republican, Democrat, Independent, Socialist, Conservative, Liberal, Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim.

It's time we lose the labels.

We are humanity. Every word, every action, every vote comes down to one, soul-searching, self-defining question each of us must answer for ourselves:

Are we to be a society of HEROES or of VILLAINS?
If this speaks to you, please help us speak it to the nation at this critical time of national soul-searching.

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Let's build a civilization of love. A society of heroes.
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