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February 28- March 3, 2022

Lenten Blessings in Jesus Christ,

Here are opportunities to build the Kingdom. Receive life-giving, renewing, transforming grace being outpoured and overflow! 

Our world is pining for good news. God's supply is you.
Last year we shared 54 moving stories that touched thousands! We are hoping to publish of these by the end of this year. Here's your town: in 750 words or less, share your short "God With Us" story. Contact below.

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NEW! Belief & Beverage Nights are the third Thursday every month at GMC of Perrysburg (Cronin Auto Family). We're very excited to be featuring dynamic clergy this season, with the theme: "Know the King, Build the Kingdom." Register at See poster below.

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So blessed to be united in building the Kingdom, 
Greg and Stephanie Schlueter
Image Trinity | Mass Impact

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Megan and I were married in 2001, we have two daughters: Elle who is 16, and is a junior at Notre Dame Academy, she plays on the varsity volleyball team and plays club volleyball at Premier Academy; and Morgan who is 12 and in 6th grade at St. Joseph’s Maumee, she plays CYO volleyball, basketball, cross country and track. She also plays club volleyball at Premier Academy. We are parishioners at St. Joseph’s Maumee (SJM) and are very active within the parish and school. I’m on the SJM School Advisory Council (SAC), SJM Marketing/PR/Fundraising Committee, SJM Lower Level Committee and a CYO coach. I am also the benevolent dictator (president) of a local Christian men’s charity group called 33 for Charity.

What is your business and what do you love most about it? Westgate Insurance Agency. We are a local, family owned, independent insurance agency that truly knows their clients. I love taking care of people when they need help the most.

How did you get into your business? 
I was working as a general manager of a restaurant/bar business in college and got to know their insurance agent rather well. He offered me a position and 26+ years later, I have my own agency.

What music would you most likely be listening to?
2 types, Country and Western!

Favorite family movie?
Uncle Buck, Summer Rental or any other John Candy movie

Favorite family vacation?
Marco Island, Florida

If you had to eat any food for a week and it was 100% healthy, what would it be?
Pepperoni pizza

Best advice you've been given that you still follow?
Smile when you are talking to someone on the phone. They will notice a difference.

Who or what are sources of great inspiration and hope for you? My children. The older that I get, they are all that I live for. Its all that I do, to do everything for them.

What is the short story of owning your Catholic faith? 
Grew up a cradle Catholic in a family that was very active in our parish (St. John the Baptist in Point Place). Attended St. John’s grade school, St. Francis de Sales for high school and then both University of Toledo and Lourdes University for college. Something that I cherish to this day is my parochial education. It’s something that we wanted to do for our children (as long as we could afford it) and have them experience the unique experience of a Catholic education. I grew up in a very entrepreneurial family. Having ups and downs of owning your own business has been the biggest life lesson that my parents could’ve taught me. Watching them put everything they had on the line and to always keep their employees and customers first, even when it meant less for themselves was inspiring and something that I try to emulate every day. It's kind of like golf… to be moral and ethical when no one is looking, is the greatest thing about golf and the lessons you learn from your parents.

Favorite scripture passage or quote? “Some say the clothes are what makes a man. I prefer to see what’s in his liquor cabinet!” (author unknown)

What is something difficult in your life that made you a better person today?
My marriage. Not that its difficult, but rather that it's an ever changing and evolving relationship between two people. I learn so much from Meg! How to be more patient, understanding and forgiving of others, how to parent (because they never gave us a manual), and most importantly, how to help the people around me, become better versions of themselves.

Short story of how you met your spouse?
We met through a mutual friend. Interestingly enough, I was dating the next-door neighbor of the friend, where Meg would babysit. She says that she noticed that I was always bringing flowers and opening the door for this next-door neighbor and that she wanted to date someone that nice too... I just call it stalking, HA! But we met shortly thereafter on her 21st birthday and it was love at first sight. 20+ years later, so I think we did something right!

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"The future of humanity passes by way of the family."
~ Pope St. John Paul II

We are families seeking to make our homes places of ever-deepening encounter with Jesus Christ.

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