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The Note-Taking Starter Kit
For Effective and Quality Note-Taking in Class
Taking effective and quality notes from lectures and readings are an important skill to master in high school. Lecture notes are the most common and most critical tool you, as a student, have to prepare for an exam. Having quality notes is a 3 step process that starts before class begins, continues during class, and extends after class ends. Consequently, good notes, active listening, and excellent class attendance go hand in hand.
The 3 step process:

Before Class:
  • Read and review the text to identify and familiarize yourself with terms, key concepts, and information. Write down any questions you have from the reading.
During Class:
  • Use the note taking style that works best for you to record main ideas, terms, important information highlighted & examples used in class. Pay attention, focus, & listen. Don't try to write everything down verbatim, use short hand and abbreviations that you can decipher and easily recall.
After Class:
  • Review your notes for 5-10 minutes after class to minimize forgetting and to maximize information retention, summarize main ideas, and fill in any gaps in understanding. 
8 Benefits of Note-Taking:

Besides promoting better memorization, note taking:

1. Promotes active listening during     lectures.

2. Provides a reference point for         later review when studying.

3. Improves understanding/                 comprehension & retention of         the lecture.

4. Improves focus & attention to         detail.

5. Extends attention span and             concentration.

6. Improves organization.

7. Condenses information for easy     review.

8. Teaches prioritization skills             (ability to select important info from      unnecessary info).
Research shows....

The forgetting curve: the more that time passes, the more we forget.

Approximately 60% of what is learned is forgotten after only 24 hours.
Check out these note taking strategies: 
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