Subject: Ready for Today's Training at the EOA Leadership Institute?

Before we get started on day two...
We're sure that you're excited about today's sessions, but we figured that it wouldn't hurt to send you a couple of popular links to some of the materials that our presenters mentioned yesterday. 
 Management by the Numbers (OMB Circulars), Lucy Jones
Lucy covered a ton of content on the new OMBs and admittedly it was a lot to take in at once.  If you were looking for the version that she spoke on you can find it here.               

An Overview of the Law Governing Trio Projects, Dr. Jerry Lewis
Although we all may have had more questions than time allowed, Dr. Jerry Lewis left us with a knowledge on how to use our knowledge of the law to support impactful and effective programming. A link to the Electronic Code of Federal regulations is posted below.

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