Subject: Post-Secondary Learning Communities

Get Connected By Joining A Learning Community

A learning community is a group of people who share common academic goals and attitudes, who meet regularly to collaborate on class work, activities, and to form friendships. Being a part of a learning community helps to keep the discussion going after class ends. Most colleges and universities have learning communities.  Below are five awesome reasons you should get involved with a learning community:
1. They allow you to network  
    with other students who 
  share similar academic and leisure interests.

2. They provide an opportunity for
    you to easily transition to 
   college during the summer.

3. They provide the opportunity 
for you to form study groups
with students in your classes

4. They include a support network of
    upperclassmen, faculty,
    Graduate Assistants, and
    Residence Assistants.

5. They allow you to socially 
connect with others by joining sports, 
clubs, and other activities on campus.

What's the Point?

According to the National Resource Center for Learning Communities, students who join learning communities demonstrate better academic performance, form stronger relationships, have higher graduation rates, and graduate on an accelerated track. 
Here are a few institutions with learning communities that you should know about:
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