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How to Manage Your Time Wisely!
When preparing for college and life, time management is one of the most important skills to learn. Being able to manage your time well will allow you to maximize the time in your day and reach your goals one day at a time. Below you will find tips for each grade level on how to develop this skill.
6th Grade - Use Your Assignment Notebook
Most schools give their students assignments notebooks at the start of each school year. While many students use them occasionally, in order to really get in the habit of managing your time using your assignment notebook on a consistent basis is key. The assignment notebook will help you keep up with assignments as well as other activities you may be involved in. Match test or quiz dates and even game days with the calendar in your assignment notebook. 
7th Grade- Create a Master Schedule 
Creating a master schedule is an awesome way to stay on top of time! This is a document that has each hour of the day written on it. You are able to block out time based on what you have to do. This will help you prioritize projects and activities and it allows you to actually see what needs to happen each day. Creating a master schedule also helps build structure to keep you on track with meeting due dates and deadlines. 
8th Grade- Learn to Start Early 
One of the biggest obstacles to getting a handle on managing your time is procrastination. Learning to get assignments done before their due date and learning to study long before the test date will be a huge help in helping you get a handle on your time. 
9th Grade- Work on One Thing at a Time 
Multi tasking may make you feel as if you are getting more things done but it creates a problem when trying to learn. Freshmen year is a great year to learn how to focus on one task at a time. 
10th Grade- Study Breaks!
Study breaks are important in being able to grasp important information. When creating a schedule make sure you factor in 10-15 minute breaks during study time. This gives you the opportunity to come back recharged! 
11th Grade- Get Some Sleep!
Junior year is usually a busy time for students. Many of them begin jobs, start SAT test prep and get involved in more activities. It is important to remember to schedule time to sleep. Research shows that you should get 8-10 hours of sleep in order to be your best self. 
12th Grade - Eliminate Distractions 
Senior year can bring on many distractions. It is important to learn before you get on a college campus how to eliminate distractions and focus in on what's important. If you can learn this, you will ultimately be able to stick to the schedule you've set. 
Adults - Create A Plan 
As an adult, you can get caught up in the basic demands of life and without a plan its easy to lose track of time. Taking time to create a plan for your day, week or even year can help you to keep track of time and maximize your efforts.
Show us what you've learned (Answer the questions below and email us your answers):
1) Why is it important to create a plan? 
2) What is a master schedule? 
3) What l you do to manage your time? 
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