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Here are a few tips to help you earn scholarship dollars:
6th-8th Grade- Start Early
Starting your search early is a key part in ensuring scholarship success. Getting a head start gives you time to research scholarships you may qualify for in the future and tailor your high school career to ensure you are a prime candidate.

9th Grade- Get to Know Important People 
As a Freshmen you should be building relationships with important people in the school such as the college & career counselor, IB or AP coordinators, school administrators, and TRIO personnel. These will be the people who will likely be helpful in locating scholarships and grants during senior year.

10th Grade- Clean up your Online Presence 
When you apply to scholarships, there is a chance that you will be looked up. You don't want important people seeing anything negative about you online. Sophomore year is a great time to clean up your act on social media or create an online presence that is polished and something to be proud of.

11th Grade- Look Beyond 
As a junior you should be looking at what makes you uniquely qualified to be a scholarship recipient. What special talents do you have? What obstacles have you encountered that you've overcome? Ask these questions early and expound on them in your senior year. 

12th Grade- Write an AMAZING Essay
Many students tend to run away from scholarships requiring essays but a well written essay can be the difference between winning a scholarship and being overlooked. It is important to take your time and write a thoughtful, exciting essay that stands out from other applicants. If you struggle with writing, work with a TRIO professional or your English teacher to create the perfect essay. 

Adult Education- Be SPECIFIC! 

Going back to school as an adult can be a hard task especially when you are needing money to help fund your education. While many scholarships are geared towards high school students there are still some scholarships out there for adult learners. When looking for scholarship opportunities be specific in your search. Look for scholarships dedicated to adults going back to school, single parents, or certain majors. You will find what you need much quicker! 
We want to hear from you! Here are a few questions about the information you just read, help us see what you've learned: 

1) As a middle schooler what should you be doing to prepare to apply for scholarships? 
2) Why is it important to write a good essay when applying for a scholarship? 
3) When an adult learner is searching for scholarships what kind of searches should they conduct? 

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