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Find Your Passion 
Hey! Its TRIO Talent Search here! We want to let you know that It's never too early or too late to find your passion and follow your path into your dream career. Here are a few steps to building your career plan which can be used at any grade and any age! 
Step #1: Imagine  
Take a moment to stop and think about what YOU want. This is your choice and this descision will determine YOUR path in life. Start to imagine what life would be like if you went after an interest or hobby. Write down your ideas and let yourself dream! 

Step #2: Investigate 
After identifying what you may want to do, its important to do some research. All it takes is a quick Google search to find important information about the field such as education, pay, and job description. Doing your homework on a career is a key ingredient in finding your passion. You can start your research using this tool:
Step # 3: Prepare  
After being armed with valuable information, it is important to prepare yourself to work in your chosen field. This includes education, internships, and even setting up interviews with people who are currently working in that field. 
Question Time
Here are a few questions to help further aid in your search for the right career. Using the link provided above, look up a possible career choice and answer the questions below. Once you have answered these questions send your answers back to us by email! We would love to know what you came up with. 

1) What is your career choice? 
2) What is the job description? 
3) What education is needed for this field? 
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