Subject: Conquer the SAT with this technique

Conquer the SAT
 Learn how to conquer the SAT with this easy strategy. Check out this brief video on the process of elimination.

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Here are some more things to consider on test day:

Don't be afraid to write on your booklet.
ex. cross out, underline, write down key words

In the reading and writing sections, use context clues to make educated guesses.

In the math section, eliminate extremes. That means cross-off answer choices that are too low or too high.

Keep an eye on the clock. Manage your time wisely so that you don't run out of time before you have answered         all questions in the section.

If you skip a question, make a tiny mark on the left side of the number on your answer sheet, so you don't forget to                               come back to it or mis-grid the following answer.

Be sure to erase any marks you have placed on the answer sheet before the end of each section.

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