Subject: Early Decision vs. Early Action Programs

Early Decision vs. Early Action Programs

Applying to college early can be beneficial on many levels. Before you apply early, it is important to consider which early application program you wish to complete because each program has different stipulations. Watch the video below to learn the difference between an early decision program and an early action program.
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Is An Early Admission Option Best for You?
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When you are deciding whether an early admission program is best for you, be sure to consider:
  • Have you researched colleges extensively?
  • Are the schools you are applying to your top choices?
  • Does this college meet your "best fit" criteria? (i.e. academically, financially, etc.)
  • Will you be happy with this choice if you are admitted through an early decision program?
Benefits of Applying Early
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  • Avoids stress caused by procrastination
  • Increases your chance of finding out whether you have been accepted sooner 
  • Provides enough time for you to apply to other schools if you are not accepted to your top choice 

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