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Hello again,

                    I hope you are doing well. The kids have been off summer school for a week so we have been spending it at the pool and in the sea! That's Emily above at Comino beach which is close to where we live! 🌊

I have also just completed another Professional Life Coaching Certification to add to my skills and continue my learning. More on that in future updates.

The more skills I learn, the more I can help you and my newsletter subscribers achieve your personal and financial goals.

Important Event This Week 

I wanted to reach out to you with information about an online event that is happening on Thursday that could really help you with your life and business.

There is a small cost but the value is unlimited and that's what's important! If something costs $50 but you make $100 from the info that's a good deal! 💰

I know this because I attended the event last year and it made a big difference in my life and my various businesses.

I know the man running it, John, as I have followed his work for over ten years and he has helped people earn hundreds of millions of dollars.


It's all to do with neuroscience and how to use it to earn more money, have better relationships and build bigger businesses fast.

Here is the link with more information.

Click HERE or the button below.

If you get half as much out of it as I did you will be happy. 😊

The Ebook is completely free and there is nothing to lose by having a look at that in any case.

I see hundreds of offers every month and 90% are rubbish, this one has proven results spanning back over many years and I have seen the results for myself in my own life and businesses.

I will only ever send you something that I have tried, tested and verified myself.

What Results Can You Expect?

John has personally used these methods to: 

🚀  Generate $5 BILLION in sales

🚀  Consistently attract 500K leads a year

🚀  Grow his social media to over 1M followers 

🚀  Create the systems that automatically run 80% of his business

🚀  Write and sell 2 New York Times bestselling books

All Aspects Of Your Life

It doesn't matter if you have a job, an online or offline business then this information is useful.

My wife Emma even used it to help her lose 23kg/50lbs of weight since Christmas.

*There is a really effective method that deals with weight loss too HERE

He has spent millions on research to find out what makes our brains work and how to reprogram them to act how we want them to. 🧠

It's a great event, I'm sure you will enjoy it and get a lot from it.

Click HERE to get the free ebook and find out more.

Have a great week and let me know about your results. I'm sure they will be fascinating. 🙌



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