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Hello again,

                    A quick but important update for you today as I am heading off to the waterpark with my son Jimmy for his sixth birthday. 🎂🎉✨

I spend every day with him, my wife and the kids and they are one of the reasons I wrote my book.

Without any marketing, it has now sold over 200 copies and has unanimous 5-star reviews, so a big thank you if you were one of the people who left me a review!

Giving You The Book For Free

The information in my book has literally made me millions of euros and given me 24 hours in the day to spend as I wish, which is even more valuable.

In order to reach as many people as possible I have spent the last few weeks publishing it on every channel I can think of.

EG: Print, Bbook, Audiobooks - Globally 🌎

80% of the market is Amazon and you can get it in print, ebook and audible at a reduced price - HERE

Some of the others are already live, some are in process. You can see the thumbnails below of where they have been submitted.

Just search for "Unleashing Your Infinite Potential" in whichever one you use.

Print - Amazon, Barnes and Noble and numerous global print outlets. 

Listening Versios - Audible, Spotify, Google Play and many more

Google Play - HERE

Marketing Video

I have even created a marketing video which you can see below. Please let me know what you think of it and my book, your honest feedback is appreciated, good or bad.

Ok Brian, you said a "free" version - How can I get it?

I noticed when publishing on a lot of the outlets they will often give you a free book just for registering or as part of a subscription if you already have one.

Example. Go to Amazon and get your first audible book free HERE

You can do the same at Barnes and Noble HERE 

My Mission

The information in my book is not new, but 99% of the population has not heard it.

I hadn't in 2013 when I was broke, tired and miserable.

I used the information to give me complete financial and time freedom and the ability to live where I want, do what I want and still not sacrifice any time with my family!

I think that's worth passing on and is the mission of my book.

It's not a financial exercise in any way and it doesn't need to make me money. The cost of producing it has already been covered by sales anyway. 😀

Of course, if can help many people that's even better and why I will keep distributing it as far and wide as I can.

It's a lovely thought for me, to be helping people I have never met and never will.

That's all for today, I hope you enjoy my book anyway and please do write a review if you can. It is the reviews that help it grow more than anything else.



Brian McGinty 

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