Subject: 👪 A COVID Family Update & a Learning Nugget: why we sold our mutual funds

Hi Friend,

How are you holding up these days? We know things have been been challenging adapting to this "new normal" and would love to hear how you are doing. We've been managing the best we can under these circumstances - staying at home except for Zorya's doctor's appointments and Patrick's monthly trips to Costco. Luckily Patrick can continue working from home and has set himself up well in our office. Pregnancy at 35-weeks is going well; mama has baby kicking from the inside while fending off toddler hits from the outside. We're a little apprehensive about all the restrictions at the hospital (like not being allowed to leave the room, even to get food), but we will make sure to have a well-equipped hospital bag and a cooler prepared.

Thankfully, Cassian has his Top 5 activities that he'll happily do over and over again, lowering the need for pregnant mama to be too creative (see "Day in the Life" video below). With the warmer weather, Cass really loves spending time outside and is enjoying life on 2 wheels!

Day-in-the-life of an isolated toddler video:

Some of you have asked us what it is like to be a landlord right now. We have found it is important to be proactive in communicating with tenants, letting them know what options are available for support if they were to lose their ability to earn income due to COVID. We know that vacancies will take longer to fill, as we're not doing showings unless the property is vacant to maintain social distancing. The showings themselves will be virtual (ex. through FaceTime) to keep our potential tenants safe. Since it's still uncertain when things will be back to normal, we have also deferred all our mortgage payments for a few months to build a reserve fund.

Construction on our 6-plex is still going ahead and they are starting to dig this week! Obviously with COVID, there may be some delays due to material supply chain issues and limiting the number of trades on site at one time.
 However, we're still expecting possession late this summer. 

Finally, we SOLD our mutual funds! Here is why, and how we put our RRSP funds into the real estate market instead:

If you missed it, we were featured on 2 different podcasts recently... have a listen!

We were on the "Real Estate Investor Dad" podcast:

...and Zorya was featured on the "7 Figure Real Estate with Edna Keep" podcast! Here's the facebook video.

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Zorya & Patrick

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