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Hi Friend!

We helped some friends buy their first home & investment property! They love not renting anymore, and instead they are collecting rent from their basement tenants. This is exactly what Patrick and I should have bought 10 years ago, instead of buying the condo we did (funny how the house is just down the street from our old condo!). It is awesome that today we are able to share what we have learned and help others shave years off of their investing journey.

If you're thinking of buying your first place, don't do what we did!... click HERE for the video.

On a personal note, pregnancy is going well as I'm entering the 3rd trimester now! We still don't know if it's a boy or a girl, though some family members like spreading rumors! ;)

We're grateful that we got to spend a week in Phoenix in February; HERE are some clips from one day... zoo, biking, parks, and singing!

Have a wonderful day,

Zorya, Patrick, Cassian, & Baby


What's better than a suited property? Three suited properties in one building :) 

As always, reach out with any real estate questions, or to get more info on the projects we're currently working on (maybe you'd like your money to be working harder for you?).

Next month... Investing your RRSPs!
Stocks and mutual funds not doing so well? Do you know what you're invested in? I didn't. Can you do anything about it? Yes! There are other options for registered funds, like RRSPs, involving real estate that you may not have ever heard of (as it's not something most financial advisers like to tell you about). More on RRSPs next month, after we finish going through the entire process of transferring our own RRSPs.

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