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Polish Newsletter on Optics and Photonics

edition #16 (March 2023)

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Good morning!

We present to you the 16th edition of the Polish Newsletter on Optics and Photonics. The last month has brought new products, awards and news of international events in Poland.

We invite you to read and share your feedback with us,
Candela Foundation

Polish Technological Platform on Photonics

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Mateusz Szatkowski – Optica Ambassador

Mateusz Szatkowski from Wrocław University of Science and Technology has been awarded the title of Ambassador by the Optica (formerly OSA). His tasks will include inspiring students and young scientists, supporting their career development, sharing his knowledge with them and mentoring them extensively. Congratulations on your success and we keep our fingers crossed for further initiatives!

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Paweł Kluczyński – Entrepreneur of the Year

As we would predict - another representative of the Polish photonics industry awarded in the contest organised by EY. Paweł Kluczyński – the technology developer, founder and CEO of Airoptic, a Poznan-based manufacturer of laser gas analysers - won the Entrepreneur of the Year award in the New Technologies / Innovation category. Congratulations!

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VII Polish Optical Conference in Toruń

The Candela Foundation, together with the Optics Section of the Polish Physical Society, would like to invite you to the 7th edition of the Polish Optical Conference, which will be held in Toruń on 4-7 July 2023. The call for abstracts is due by 14 April, and registration for the event will open on 13 April! You are welcome!

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Job board

Numerical simulation specialist


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Group leader - biophotonics applications


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Specjalist / product menager


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2nd International Photonics Job Fair – registration is open

Registration has started for companies wishing to present themselves to students and other interested parties at the 2nd International Photonics Job Fair. The fair, organised by the Photonics Society of Poland and the Polish Technological Platform on Photonics, will take place on 12 May in the building of the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology. You are welcome!

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30 years of Fibrain

FIBRAIN, a manufacturer of fibre optic and photonic technologies and systems from Zaczernie near Rzeszów, celebrates its 30th anniversary this March. At the threshold of its fourth decade, FIBRAIN is an independent manufacturer of optical fibres for communication and sensing, with four production centres and a presence in dozens of countries worldwide. Congratulations on the anniversary!

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SMARTTECH3D ON – new 3D scanner

Smarttech, a manufacturer of 3D scanners from Łomianki near Warsaw, has introduced a compact ON scanner for industrial applications. The scanner is a certified, factory-calibrated metrology device, enabling precise measurements of objects of various dimensions in 1 s.

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Commercialisation of Syglass technology

SYGNIS SA has signed a contract for the first market application of its 3D printing technology from low-temperature glass. Using printed optical components, the company will provide solutions for products used in skin therapy. Sygnis will develop sales of optical glass products created using Syglass technology.

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New PPTF members – Unipress and Łukasiewicz-KIT

Unipress - the Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, conducting research in semiconductor physics, nanotechnology, soft matter physics and THz radiation, has joined the PPTF. Meanwhile, as a result of the consolidation of the institutes of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, the Łukasiewicz - Krakow Institute of Technology has also become a member.

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SPIN-Lab at the University of Silesia

A new research centre for modern materials and nanomaterials has been opened at the University of Silesia - the SPIN-Lab Centre for Microscopic Examination of MAteria. The aim of establishing the centre is to develop and consolidate research into the properties of modern materials and nanomaterials carried out in the region.

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Research highlights

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New way to monitor blood flow in the brain

Monitoring the proper blood supply to the brain is crucial, not only for the prevention of neurological diseases, but also for their treatment. The technique of parallel near-infrared interferometric spectroscopy - πNIRS - developed by a team of scientists from the International Centre for Translational Eye Research (ICTER) and the Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering (IBIB-PAN) can make life easier for doctors and patients worldwide.
photo: Karol Karnowski

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Multibody, entangled, Bell states in optical networks

Polish physicists have shown a new way to produce special quantum states having many-body Bell correlations. They have managed to represent this in a system of ultracold quantum atomic gases placed in optical lattices. This idea could be used to increase the precision of quantum sensors or to improve the security of quantum cryptographic protocols.

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Logo projekt PhotonHub Europe

PhotonHub Europe

PhotonHub Europe (PHE) is a pan-European support network for entrepreneurs interested in developing and upgrading their businesses with photonics technologies. The 36 best European technology centers, supported by national photonics hubs, offer: knowledge and training, business and investment coaching, wide network of contacts – but first of all the possibility to experiment, test and develop technologies (up to TRL8).

Those services are available to all EU entities, with a special focus on SMEs. PPTF is PHE's Polish partner as a national photonics hub.

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Practical PhotonHub trainings in Poland

As part of PhotonHub Europe's offer, employees of companies - and PhD students – can benefit from practical trainings in the use of photonic technologies, organised in small groups at Demo and Experience Centres.
Such centres have been established throughout Europe - also in Poland. PhotonHub's Polish technology partners: the Warsaw University of Technology and the Łukasiewicz Research Network-Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics offer three types of training:

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