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Polish Newsletter on Optics and Photonics

edition#17 (April 2023)

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Good morning!

We present to you the April edition of the #PNOP. Last month has seen the launch of a new Cluster, the announcement of numerous scientific conferences and community members visiting Taiwan and the Czech Republic in official delegations.

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Candela Foundation

Polish Technological Platform on Photonics

Photon of founding members of new cluster

New Cluster for Microelectronics, Eletronics and Photonics

This topic has been discussed for a long time and has finally materialised: on the initiative of the PPTF and CEZAMAT, the nationwide Microelectronics, Electronics and Photonics Cluster was established on 4 April. The PPTF is the coordinator of the cluster, while CEZAMAT: the leader of scientific cooperation. The cluster invites all those who create value in the photonics and microelectronics sector.

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zdjęcie przedstawicie firmy Sygnis oraz Adama Piotrowskiego

Conference on Recent Advances in Translational Eye Research 

The Candela Foundation, with the International Centre for Eye Research (ICTER), invites you to the CRATER 2023 conference, which will take place in Warsaw on 7-8 September. The event is dedicated to the latest imaging techniques and their applications in science as well as industry. Call for abstracts of presentations now until 8 May!

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Job board

Event & project coordinator

Fundacja Candela

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R&D engineer mechatronics


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Junior Sales Engineer


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DEMO Center from Faculty of Mechatronics PW 

The Faculty of Mechatronics at the WUT invites you to the DEMO Centre. The course will familiarise participants with the following technologies: digital holographic microscopy, fourier ptychographic microscopy, optical diffraction tomography and lensless digital holographic microscopy. Contact for courses in Polish:

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zdjęcie Edyty środy wraz z tekstem

Agnieszka Siemion in SPIE Women in Optics

Agnieszka Siemion from the Department of Physics at the Warsaw University of Technology was recognised by SPIE for her scientific activity and community development activities. Her professional profile was featured in the SPIE Women In Optics Planner. Congratulations on the award and fingers crossed for further activities!

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Czech-Polish Photonics 2023

On 22 and 23 March, the first meeting of the Czech and Polish photonics community took place in Ostrava. In addition to members of the PPTF and the Czech Optical Cluster, the meeting was attended by representatives of Czech industry clusters and research organisations. The organisers are planning annual meetings - Polish-Czech Photonics 2024 will be held in Poland.

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zdjęcie przedstawiciel delegacji OpTecBB

PPTF on Smart City Summit and Expo in Taiwan

As part of the cooperation being developed with partners in Taiwan, a PPTF delegation was in Taipei and Kaoshiung at the SCSE 2023 trade fair at the end of March. Participation in the fair was an opportunity to establish numerous contacts with Taiwanese companies and organisations, not only in the smart city industry. Further visits to Taiwan are planned for later this year

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OpTecBB na Photonics International Job Fair

The May International Photonics Job Fair, alongside representatives of Polish photonics companies, will once again be attended by entrepreneurs from Berlin: members of the photonics cluster OpTecBB. Please join us on 12 May at the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology!

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zdjęcie Edyty środy wraz z tekstem

Publication from XTPL among the most read in Scientific Reports

The article "High-resolution deposition of conductive and insulating materials at micrometer scale on complex substrates", published last year in Scientific Reports by researchers at XTPL in Wrocław, has received so much attention that it has been officially included in the Top 100 in Materials Science - 2022 collection. Congratulations!

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Research highlights

wizualizacja lasera

Geometry in photonics 

Moiré patterns arise when two or more periodic lattices are superimposed. These far-reaching patterns can also be observed in two-dimensional materials and are the source of the rich physics in these quantum material systems. This article summarises recent developments in two-dimensional materials with moiré patterns, focusing on the photonic and optoelectronic aspects and how the properties of these materials can be controlled.

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zdjęcie człowieka w biegu,

The limits of miniaturisation

To build the world's smallest transistor, the smallest semiconductor, the smallest computer, without compromising on their performance - this is the goal of many engineers and scientists. One of the fundamental questions is about the limits of miniaturisation. Michał Zieliński, Professor at the Nicolaus Copernicus University (UMK) and Piotr Różański from the Department of Quantum Mechanics at the Institute of Physics at the Nicolaus Copernicus University (UMK) are of the opinion that the limit could be single atoms.

Photo. Andrzej Romański

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Logo projekt PhotonHub Europe

PhotonHub Europe

PhotonHub Europe (PHE) is a Europe-wide support network for entrepreneurs who want to incorporate innovative photonic solutions into their products or processes. Supported by national PhotonHubs, the 36 top European technology centres offer information and training, business support, support in raising funding and a wide network of contacts - and above all the opportunity to experiment, test and develop technologies (including scaling up production). PhotonHub also comprehensively supports startups. However, the main part of its offer is high-end technology services, available at a very significant discount thanks to EU funding.

These services are available to all entities in the EU, with a special focus on SMEs. The PPTF is the Polish partner of PHE as the national photonics hub.

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zrzut ekrany ze strony PhotonHub Europę

PhotonHub practical training video report

We regularly persuade companies and young scientists to take advantage of practical technology training - an invitation to one of the Demo Centres at Warsaw University of Technology can be found above in the News. Now we can also show you what such training looks like: PhotonHub has published a video report from the training course "Optics and freeform optics" conducted at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Take a look at the class and the feedback from the participants.

Photo: VUB

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