Subject: ADFF & The Azimyth Immersive Lounge

September 16, 2015

Tickets for the Architecture & Design Film Festival (ADFF) are now on sale! To reserve tickets for the films or the Conversations, please go to our web site Tickets can be also be purchased at the Ticket Central Box Office in Times Square at 416 West 42nd Street, and at the venue during the festival.

This year the festival will take place at the Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas, 260 West 23rd Street. The festival lounge will be on the third floor where Rizzoli has installed a pop-up bookstore. Our specially-designed lounge will include furniture by Baker, McGuire, Carl Hansen and Sons and Natuzzi.
Azimyth Immersive Lounge
You will also have the unique opportunity to experience the Azimyth Immersive Lounge, showcasing the best of today’s design-driven developments in virtual and augmented reality. The collection of groundbreaking immersive experiences, curated by ADFF and Azimyth Creation Studio, will transport you to new worlds and demonstrate the future of collaborative design. There will be four experiences open to everyone who attends the festival.

Squint/Opera has created a virtual reality film with a CG animated overlay. This film immerses you within the building that BIG Architects designed and is now under construction at 57th Street and West Side Highway. 

The film highlights Architect Bjarke Ingels who talks directly to the audience, explaining his design vision. It allows viewers to fully appreciate the context of the building, gaining a closer understanding of the architecture and a sense of the finished space. 

Squint/Opera – Filmmaker and Technologist
BIG Architects – Architect
The Durst Organization – Developer

The Digital Gyre
The Digital Gyre is an immersive landscape of lost work created by our peers. Design is messy business and causes plenty of detritus, principally in the form of forgotten, unfinished or unloved design collateral. Each of these discarded designs has a story to tell: associated nostalgia, gripes, and memories of ideas that are not gone, but probably embedded in the designer’s future works.

ParcOffice - Creator with FarzinFarzin and IrisVR

Take an inspirational journey with the school children of Makoko, one of Africa's largest slums in Lagos, Nigeria. Travel with them by canoe to the Makoko Floating School, a symbol of the hope and progress of Africa. The inspiring and innovative structure, by architect Kunlé Adeyemi, was shortlisted for Design of the Year 2014.

Azimyth Creation Studios - Producer 
Stephanie Riggs - Director
This was created for The Nantucket Project

Arup Mobile SoundLab
Arup SoundLab® is an innovative tool developed by our acoustic designers that uses a combination of sound measurement, computer modeling, predictive tools, and data analytics, to accurately reproduce the sound of existing spaces, changes to existing environments, or new spaces, during the design process. It has been used on a vast array of projects from urban spaces, to concert halls, providing a collaborative approach for all project constituents to understand, and proactively create, better acoustic designs. At ADFF, the installation will be the first presentation of the new Arup m | Lab, a smaller mobile environment, where we will demonstrate some of our latest work combining Sound, Light, and Virtual Reality using 3D Ambisonic Sound and Head Mounted Displays. The realization and delivery of this installation is a collaboration between Arup and New York based design studio Stereotank, and Craft Workshop.

Trimble and Microsoft HoloLens
In addition to these unique virtual environments, this year's ADFF will give architects and designers a chance to experience the Trimble and Microsoft HoloLens in a special demo room built by the Brooklyn-based architectural practice SITU Studio. As the first fully untethered, see-through holographic computer, it enables high-definition holograms to come to life, seamlessly integrating with physical places, spaces, and things. The augmented reality experience will be available to attendees by appointment only.

Virtual Reality / Augmented: A New Design Reality

On October 14th, the festival will host a Conversation entitled Virtual Reality / Augmented: A New Design Reality – moderated By Wendy Goodman, Design Editor of New York magazine. Tickets for the Conversations will go on sale on Sept 24th.

Wendy Goodman

Architecture & Design Film Festival, 200 E 10th Street # 1018, New York, NY 10003, United States
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