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Here's a fantastic opportunity to see some amazing new documentaries. DOC NYC is the largest documentary festival in the U.S., and from November 14 - 21 there will be over 125 documentary filmmakers and special guests on hand to present their new work. The films will be showing at the IFC Center in Greenwich Village and Chelsea’s SVA Theatre. We think it's a great festival, and this year they'll also be screening two films we want to highlight for our ADFF audience.
DOC NYC  Executive Director Raphaela Neihausen,
                  Artistic Director Thom Powers  
IF YOU BUILD IT,  which previewed  at a sneak preview at this year's ADFF event, features partners Emily Pilloton and Matt Miller who seek to affect change through design. When they bring their innovative curriculum to struggling Bertie County, NC, they not only teach practical problem-solving and construction skills to their high school students, but offer hope for business rebirth in the form of a final project that will benefit the entire community. Will they succeed, or will budget setbacks and a resistant school board quash their forward-thinking vision?

11:45 AM, Sat., Nov. 16, 2013 - IFC Center

Expected to attend: Director Patrick Creadon

TINY: A STORY ABOUT LIVING SMALL is a film about a couple who sets out to construct a livable 130-square foot house—no bigger than a standard parking space—part of a growing movement that is conscious of our environmental impact and rethinks our need for more and more stuff. As their small project slowly takes shape, they—and other tiny-structure dwellers—reflect on sustainable design, material culture and what is truly essential to make a house a home.

4:00 PM, Sat.,  Nov. 16, 2013 – SVA

Expected to attend: 
Producers and Directors Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith

Architecture & Design Film Festival, 200 E 10th Street # 1018, New York, NY 10003, United States
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