Subject: ADFF Newsletter November 07, 2013

ADFF Newsletter 11.07.2013

Another successful festival has wrapped up, and once again the response has been fantastic. There were many sold out screenings, great attendance for the panels, insightful Q&As with filmmakers and lots of great conversation in the Varick Room lounge. Over 3,600 people attended and the audience let us know which films they liked the best. Here are the top five:

The Oyler House: Richard Neutra's Desert Retreat by Mike Dorsey
If You Build It by Patrick Creadon
My Brooklyn by Kelly Anderson
Social Life of Small Urban Spaces by William H. Whyte
Sagrada - The Mystery of Creation by Stefan Haupt
Some of the many memorable moments included:
“ Being a preservationist is not for sissies.” — Kelly Lynch, after the screening

Mike Dorsey, Kelly Lynch, Tufic Makhlouf
Architect Bjarke Ingels having a discussion and analysis of The Human Scale with Director Andreas Dalsgaard and Kyle Bergman.

Andreas Dalsgaard, Kyle Bergman, Bjarke Ingels

Designer Amy Lau's first time at the festival....we're pretty sure she'll be back!

Laura Cardello, Amy Lau, Christine Abbate
Kelly Anderson fielding questions after her screening of My Brooklyn and answering questions about gentrification, red-lining and upzoning.

Jan Vingerhoets , Kelly Anderson, Llana Judah

Daniele Busca — showroom manager of Scavolini was overheard saying, "It is not only about architecture. It is architecture and human stories"

David Hamilton, Daniele Busca, Laura Cardello, Don Schmoll 
Joe Mizzi of Sciame allowed YAK Films to access some of their construction sites to create the beautiful dance film, Skyscape, The short film was a world premiere at ADFF's opening night and has already had over 132,000 views on YouTube.

Laura Cardello, Joe Mizzi 

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