Subject: Wilbur News for October 2017

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C A R E T A K E R ' S  L E T T E R
Dear Friends of Wilbur:
The hurricanes in Florida reminds me of times at Wilbur when we were besieged by torrential rains.

During one downpour the road between Wilbur's silver entrance bridge and Wilbur's historic 1910 Hotel was washed out. The hole that the waters created in the road was large enough to drive a large truck into. I looked at the hole and my blood pressure elevated. How are ​we ​going to deal with this? I had never witnessed a hole so large in a road. Would we be forced to close? And, if so, for how long?

Fortunately there was a narrow pathway around the hole which sufficed for walking. We placed wheel barrows down at the silver bridge and told arriving guests to use them for their food and belongings. Guests parked their cars, loaded up the wheel barrows and walked the one mile from the silver bridge to the Hotel.

When guests departed th​ey​ loaded their wheel barrows, walked to their vehicles and left them for the next guests.

Business as usual.
The Colusa County Road Department was extremely busy with flooding in the County but they managed to get to us within a few weeks. I was able to watch the reconstruction of the road which turned out to be quite simple. They dumped large boulders into the hole and then filled in the rest with dirt. Lickety split the scary hole was gone and the road was like new.

The threat of closure became a memorable Wilbur occasion, an education on road repair and an opportunity to practice creative solutions for challenging situations.Say hello next time you visit Wilbur. We are the tall couple with the smiling eyes and laughing hearts.

With affection for each of you,

Richard and Jolee,
Caretakers, Wilbur Hot Springs

Richard Louis Miller, M.A., Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology
Wikipedia: Dr Richard Louis Miller
Wikipedia: Wilbur Hot Springs

Midweek Promotion
Monday - Thursday 20% Discount for Overnight Stays
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2017 Dates: October 6-8 - SOLD OUT

Join Sarana for a weekend in 2018 of breathing, chanting, asana and soaking in the healing mineral waters of Wilbur. Strengthen your practice while relaxing and rejuvenating your body and mind.

You’ll step back from your daily routines and retreat to this sacred land, home to healing waters that have been used for renewal for centuries.

The popular SaranaYoga retreats at Wilbur always fill up fast. Please click below for additional details, and/or to make your reservation.

2018 Dates
April 6 - 8 • May 4-6 • June 8-10 • Sept 21-23 • Oct 5-7

Plan Your 2018 Retreat Here
Wilbur's thermometer  in October drops to a comfortable 79°F high and 48°F low, making it a perfect time to come and "take our healing waters"! With lower ambient temperatures, the moisture of the warm air rising from the flumes creates a beautiful mist as the sun rises & sets.

As the seasons turn and the breeze blows summer into fall, October is "last call for camping" at Wilbur in 2017.  Book your camping platform now!
Dates for upcoming Wilbur events, workshops, specialized practitioners, and closures
are noted on our Wilbur event calendar on our website.
Complimentary Readings
October 5th

Rev. Julia Harrell is a spiritual minister who’s greatest joy is offering guidance to help others find their own higher truth on their path of daily living and awakening. She offers spiritual guidance through private clairvoyant readings and healing sessions. A reading can be a very healing experience, validating hidden truths about yourself and helping you to let go of deeply held (mis)beliefs in order to be all that you are. Julia will also be offering sessions on October 6 and 7. Click here to find out more.
Complimentary Meditation with Anyes
October 14 - October 15

In the face of hardness, rough words and deeds, or furious fire, it is tempting to lock, harden, fight or fly. Yet water extinguishes flames, water smooths edges, water softens contours. Anyes will guide you in a gently, yet powerful meditation to connect to this most prevalent elemental constituent of our inner being, that can guide us to wiser action and better living every day of our lives. Visit our website for more details.
Empathy Workshops w/ Angela Watrous: Self-Compassion Weekends
October 13  - October 15

Complimentary for all guests. Offered by longtime Wilburite Angela Watrous, whose work is inspired by a rich lineage of nonviolence, the neurobiologically healing power of empathy, and diverse spiritual traditions.
  • Fri. 6-7 pm: Compassion Meditation: Breathing in Warmth and Tenderness
  • Sat. 1-2 pm: Cultivating Resilient Self-Compassion: Warmly Attuning to Feelings and Needs
  • Sat. 6-7 pm: Somatic Empathy: Listening and Responding to the Body
  • Sun. 1-2 pm: Translating Self-Judgements into Life-Serving Messages
Learn more about Angela’s empathic counseling practice, her monthly Berkeley community Gather Together, and her upcoming online courses at
Join us for Thanksgiving at Wilbur! November 22-24

Guest Chef Weekend offers delicious and healthy meals starting Wednesday with Dinner and ending with Brunch on Friday- Chef Marion invites all guests to participate and cook the Thanksgiving Feast with her and her culinary team. Come take the healing waters and enjoy inspired meals prepared with local organic foods (including vegetarian options).

Call to make your reservation (530) 473-2306

Complimentary yoga offered on most weekends until November 2017.
Wilbur Hot Springs is now hiring for the following positions:
  • Administrative Specialist
  • Front Office
  • Maintenance
If you are interested in any of these positions and you would like to join our family here at Wilbur Hot Springs, kindly send your resume to:
3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs, CA 95987-9709 - 530-473-2306
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3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs, CA 95987, United States
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