Subject: Invitation to the launch of the Sage Institute. Psychedelic Psychotherapy: Past, Present, and Future

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You are receiving this communication from Dr. Richard L. Miller, Host of the Mind Body Health & Politics podcast and Caretaker of Wilbur Hot Springs Sanctuary for the Self.
Psychedelic Psychotherapy:
Past, Present & Future

Join Us for a fundraiser to support the launch of
the Bay Area's first low fee psychedelic therapy clinic

October 25th, 7-10 PM
307 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

Guest speakers include:

Myself, Dr. Richard Louis Miller, author of Psychedelic Medicine

Christina Ingenito is a licensed, clinical social worker who works at the intersection of mystery, social justice and empowerment. She is also a psychelic-assisted psychotherapist.

Danielle Hererra is a new psychedelic therapist with Sage Institute.

Find out more and purchase tickets at

More information can be found here and copies are available at the following locations:

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