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Hope & Healing Holidays 2016Christmas Devotions 2016cso_holiday20162017-08-08 10:00:00
by Christian Sisters Ministries
Alumni NewsNewsletter for alumni of St. Alphonsus College and St. Mary's Seminaryalumni_news2016-06-13 16:33:25
by Mary
o_mensageiroCHLQ Monthly Newsletterchurch_of_the_holy_light_of_the_queen2020-10-02 22:12:14
CANIC MarketingThis list is comprised individuals who have participated in past CANIC events, to advise them of upcoming CANIC opportunities.canic_marketing2019-09-27 18:00:00
Carbon Co-op SupportersA list for news, updates and information about Carbon Co-op and wider efforts to reduce carbon emissions.carbon_co-op_supporters2020-09-30 13:00:00
by Matt