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Help the HomelessThis list is used for charity upviral campaigns to build a list of giving customershelp_the_homeless2019-08-19 08:47:00
by Your Internship Guide
DonorsDonor List from Stripedonorlist_fljc2020-11-30 16:11:04
by Florida Justice Center
Monday Message EmailBrighten your week with a dose of inspiration. Five Talents Monday message is a short weekly reflection aimed to encourage and inspire featuring fresh content from around the world.friends-of-five-talents-churches-and-foundations2020-07-20 13:23:47
by Dale Stanton-Hoyle, Five Talents USA
Daily SuccessDaily Success is a program designed to help individuals and families develop and maintain the spiritual discipline of Scripture meditation. A series of 343 daily e-mails are sent for 49 weeks and focus on applying one command of Christ each week.daily_success2015-02-18 22:50:48
by Daily Success
HH WebwerfHierdie lys is op die helpende hand webwerf.hh_web2020-10-12 09:59:00
by Diens