Subject: Free Weekend Bonus - $99 WP Theme ( Wordpress script?)

Hi, happy Sundaaay!

Did you have a chance to download our Weekend Bonus gift yesterday? :)

I have this Seneca WP theme that will allow you to blend commerce and editorial in a way that engages and excites visitors to your site.

(so that you can start - or continue - bringing in money!)

Download the theme right here:

PLUS, tomorrow..

Tomorrow we'll be having a special offer to a really really cool Wordpress script that will get you some extra income from the lucrative travel niche.

It's a really awesome script because your Wordpress travel site will have that authority look both in front of visitors eyes and Google's eyes ;-)

It has a great design, self-updating and monetized with over 250,000 hotels, airlines and cruises.

A friend of mine (younger than me!) started from a website like this, and now he is running a very successful TICKETING business - his site now is arenatiket dot com.

Seriously, $100-$200 per week is very reachable with this type of website.

So, look out for my email tomorrow (Monday, 16th May).

I'm hoping send you an email at morning and evening for this special offer. It will be running for 5-days and it's exclusive for you as 1 of our top VIP customers.

Meanwhile, download your $99 theme for free right here:

Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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