Subject: [CUSTOMERS ONLY] Seneca WP Theme - Free Weekend Bonus

Hi guys,

Yesterday I went to a fashion store
looking for a new t-shirt. And wow,
pronouncing fashion brand names
can be real tricky..

I got a bit ridiculed by the store staff
because I pronounced several brand
names incorrectly.

Thankfully she was looking very pretty
with the smile and her chuckle, so
I didn't get offended ;-)


It's Saturday and I hope your weekend
will be as 110% fantastic as it can be.

Then I have this e-commerce enabled
WordPress theme that you can download
for free on our Weekend Bonus series!

Download the theme right here:

Enjoy and don't forget to spend a
quality time with your family, your
partner, your gang.. or MAYBE
your partner in crime??

(because they love you and they deserve your time!)

My very best,
Leo (BCBiz)

PS. Beside the bonus theme, our featured
video on this series also worth checking:

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