Subject: [Customers ONLY] WP FancyWidget Plugin.. Plus, New Motto?

Hi there,

It's Sunday and I hope your
weekend has been 110% fantastic,
surrounded by lots of amazing things
& many wonderful people so far! :o)

For today..

There are 2 cool stuffs that 
can download for free on our
regular Weekend Bonus series.

Check them out here: =>>

On this series I got a brand 
plugin called WP FancyWidget
and 50 stock images which both
comes with Developer License
for you :)

Enjoy and don't forget to pamper
yourself today!

Whoops.. what is it again Leo??

Well, that's the new motto! ;-)

All these years, we have "don't forget
to be Awesome today" as our motto..

Today, March 13th, I'm retiring that motto..

Of course you still need to be awesome.

But if you pamper yourself enough,
then unconsciously you will become
more awesome each and every day
without even trying to ;-)

Alright then..

Before we split, download your
weekend bonus first:


Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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