Subject: The Weekend Bonus - Download Our 1st March Series ;)

Hi there,

It's the first weekend of March and I'm wishing you a great sunny day!

I'm having a me time today, keeping any gadgets away - smartphone, laptop, etc.

So if you got any messages I will get back to you tomorrow Sunday :o)

Oh and b-T-w..

Don't forget there's a total solar eclipes coming next week to Asia and the Pacific (on March 9th to be exact!)

It WILL be a wonderful event ;-)

And speaking of wonderful..

There's a brand new wonderful plugin called WP ImagePLUS that you can download for free on our regular Weekend Bonus series!


This plugin allows you to instantly access copyright-free images from 8 different huge websites ;-)

It's pretty cool!

Download the plugin here =>>

Enjoy and don't forget to be Awesome today!

Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:-) :-)

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