Subject: [50% Discount] Manage All Your WordPress Sites From 1 Location..

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Hi there,

I'm really grateful when my friends Edwin & Mike McKay 
roll out this WP Central Hub..

Because when you start to have more than 5 WordPress sites,
 you want to be able to manage ALL of them from 1 easy location.

With WP Central Hub, you can install new plugins, themes & create a post or page from 1 place instead of login to each site one by one.

Check it out here >>

FYI, I use CMS Commander (and ManageWP back on 2012) to manage most of my WP sites, and they charge around $60/month.

While WP CentralHub is only a 1-TIME payment, 
not a subscription type.

There are 2 bonus included from my link:
- CleanMark WP Theme (clean & smooth WP theme)
- ZonGoldbox Wizard WP Plugin

Check it out here >>

I really do appreciate all the fantastic support you HAVE shown when I recommend something. You make me able to keep giving away something back.

Let me know if you prefer something else.. :-)