Subject: 20+ Amazon Product Videos Free Every Month?

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Hi there,

We all realize that Youtube, Vimeo and other video sharing websites
are a great & potential traffic sources for your website.

It has come to my attention that only less than 25% of my friends
are using videos on their promotion as Amazon associates.

One major problem why they don't use video is because:
they don't want, can not, or don't have time to create video.

So I created AzonVideo (free to join!)

Each month you can get 20+ videos of Amazon products!
(ranging from Amazon US, UK, CA and DE).

If you're interested, register at this special page:
Use these Access Code to download this month videos: LEOMARCH2013

I acknowledge that this month videos may be not anywhere on your standard,
but I guarantee that each month we'll try to make it better and better.. :-D

Not only that, but for next month the video will have Voice-over too..

The site is still on development, will be opened next month but
as my good friend, you can access it starting today..