Subject: VPHi communication with the membership

Dear VPHi members,
Our membership database is growing. To make our communication with you smoother and reliable, from now onward we will send all future messages using the Getresponse system.

This mailing list includes the official member representatives, but also all the affiliated users that have registered to our website.
If you belong to an institutional VPHi member, suggest your colleagues to join this mailing list to receive all future communications on the initiative the VPH Institute makes available (awards, webinar, workshop, conferences, policy initiatives....). This would allow the information to circulate more easily within you organisation and reach out to a larger number of interested people!

Joining the mailing list can be done by filling us this form:
Click on either "Personal" or "Student" from the list and select your organisation from the scroll down menu.

As a general rule, this mailing list will be mainly used for official communication and for informing you about special activities we organise or initiatives of interest for the community. More general information will be included in our monthly newsletter. Messages will be sent only in case there is anything special to communicate, and the number of messages will never go beyond once a week. We wish to offer you a service, not to fill up your inbox!

From the footer of every email, the Getresponse system will allow you to:
- unsubscribe from the list: as we will use this channel as the main vehicle for all the official communications, we ask you not to unsubscribe (especially if you are your organisation official representative). The system does not supply us with the details of the people that unregister so we cannot follow up with you. For any problems/clarifications, please get in touch with us first.
- modify your contact details: don't forget to update your email in case of any changes.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, by sending an email to:
Best regards
In silico medicine will be the future
Virtual Physiological Human Institute for Integrative Biomedical Research (VPH Institute)

Celestijnenlaan 300C, 3001, Heverlee, Belgium
You may unsubscribe or change your contact details at any time.