Subject: VPHi: Ecosystem for Digital Twins in Healthcare - expressions of interest

Dear members of the VPHi community,

The European Commission has launched a call for a coordination and support action entitle ‘Ecosystem for digital twins in healthcare’ (DIGITAL-2021-DEPLOY-01-TWINS-HEALTH). The goal is to build an integrative ecosystem, linking various communities such as those focusing on in silico medicine, HPC, data-driven twins etc., in order to evolve towards the creation of a human digital twin for personalized medicine.

A proposal is currently being prepared, led by VPHi, that involves the establishment of an ecosystem, the writing of a roadmap, the creation of a repository and prototyping a simulation platform. The success of these activities will depend critically on the involvement of and uptake by the community (academia, industry and all other stakeholders) and several actions are foreseen to actively engage (and possibly fund the involvement of) the community. If you are interested in staying informed about the proposal outcome and further activities in this direction, we ask you to please sign up via

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