Subject: VPHi: Avicenna Alliance members only webinar: "Towards automatic generation of patient-specific models of the lower limb for simulation of orthopedic surgeries" TwInsight

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The next Avicenna Alliance Members Webinar is planned for today 12 July 2022 at 17 CET and will be on "Towards automatic generation of patient-specific models of the lower limb for simulation of orthopedic surgeries" hosted by Mathieu Rimaud, Antoine Perrier, Elaheh Elyasi from TwInsight.

This initiative is available to all Avicenna Alliance and VPHi members ONLY.

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The objective of Computer Modeling & Simulation in healthcare is to pave the road for better pre-clinical evaluation of medical devices and surgical practices, to be used as a complementary tool for personalized medicine. The development of the models involves various steps among which is the time-consuming step of pre-processing that needs to be repeated per subject. One of the objectives of TwInsight is to remove this obstacle by creating automated pipelines for creating patient-specific models. The pipelines involve novel methodologies such as deep learning for automatic tissue segmentation and anatomical inference. We will be showcasing the designed pipeline for developing TKA models.

Short bio

Mathieu RIMAUD
Chief Executive Officer at TwInsight

Mathieu Rimaud, biomedical engineer. After more than 20 years dedicated to innovation in orthopedic surgery (robotics, navigation, implants), Mathieu has taken over the management of TwInsight with the ambition to bring the missing brick to surgical planning: predictive analysis. The target is the industrialization of digital twins for orthopedic surgery.

Strategic and Medical Chief Officer at Twinsight

Dr. Perrier is a podiatrist, engineer and associate researcher in biomechanics. For the past 10 years, he has developed, evaluated and validated a biomechanical atlas of the lower limb to support the surgical teams treating his patients. He is convinced that the simulation of surgical procedures prior to surgery will improve the quality of patient care and limit the risks for the surgeon.

Biomechanical Engineer at TwInsight

Dr. Elyasi is a researcher and engineer, specialized in assisting orthopedic surgeries and their complications through building and validating combined multibody and finite element biomechanical models. She aims to use her experience in modeling with various open-source and commercial packages (Abaqus, Artisynth, LS-DYNA, …) to automate patient-specific model generation and validation.

Please remember that this initiative is for VPHi members only, so please do not share the registration link with your contacts outside the Institute.

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