Subject: VPHi: Avicenna Alliance SecGen and Treasurer's elections

Dear VPHi members,

As you know, the Avicenna Alliance is composed by 50% industry members and 50% VPH Institute members. 
This implies that all VPHi members (in good standing) are automatically members the Avicenna Alliance and, not only they can participate to all the AA activities, but also they have voting rights at the AA General Assemblies and in case of elections. 

Currently the elections of the Avicenna Alliance Secretary General and Treasurer are taking place. 
These are the candidates interested to fulfill these positions for the 2022 - 2023 mandate. 

Secretary General:
Thierry Marchal, Ansys, current Secretary General

Mathieu Rimaud, TwinSight

To express your vote (for institutional members only one vote will be accepted), you will have to answer the following Doodle survey, only one vote for each profile:

Please choose YES or ABSTENTION for the Secretary General.
Please choose YES or ABSTENTION for the Treasurer.


(in case of institutional members, please specify your affiliation)

The vote is confidential. No one except the Avicenna Office Manager and the VPHi manager will see the specific votes; the results will be collected and analysed to be presented to the Board and then the General Assembly according to AA Governance document.

Deadline: 5 November 2021, end of day. No vote received after this date.

For any specific questions on the election process, please contact Roberta ( or Martina ( for any questions regarding the VPHi membership.

Thank you for the collaboration.
Best regards,

VPHi team on behalf of the AA secretariat
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