Subject: VPHi: AVICENNA MEMBERS-ONLY Webinar "VIRTUOSO: A virtual platform to enable precision vascular surgery" by Vanessa Diaz (UCL) Today @ 15 CET

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We would like to remind you that today 14 October 2020 at 15 CET the Avicenna Alliance will host the four webinar of its webinar series for members-only. 
This monthly initiative has the goal to enable both Avicenna member companies and VPHi Members to get to know each other better and share their knowledge about their main activities, expertise and interests. The series will alternate presentations by academia and industry members.

Webinar title "VIRTUOSO: A virtual platform to enable precision vascular surgery" by Vanessa Diaz (UCL)

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In this talk, Vanessa will present a unique translational platform to enable precision vascular surgery (VIRTUOSO), combining state of the art in vivo imaging, in silico (simulation) tools and in vitro testing, in order to accurately quantify the haemodynamics of complex vascular pathologies, thereby informing individual treatment planning.  To demonstrate the potential of this technology -which is entirely generalisable to other (cardio) vascular pathologies-, a complex and highly patient specific condition, chronic Type-B aortic dissection will be used as an exemplar.
Vanessa will demonstrate how we use clinical data to build advanced patient-specific computational models of the pathology as well as 3D printed phantoms for experimental testing and validation on a unique and personalisable physical platform for haemodynamic testing, overcoming thus major obstacles for clinical and industrial translation.

Short Bio:
Vanessa is a Professor of Healthcare Engineering at UCL and leads an internationally recognised cardiovascular engineering group as well as the vascular engineering platform at the Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences, at UCL. Vanessa is leading ground-breaking work to make 'precision vascular surgery' a reality and collaborates with many hospitals, including Barts and the Royal Free in London, as well as many patient groups. Vanessa is currently the PI for the ‘VIRTUOSO’ project, a virtual platform to enable precision vascular surgery, funded by the British Heart Foundation through a prestigious New Horizons grant. She is also Vice-Dean for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

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