Subject: VPH Newsletter: Summer 2022

On 18 July 2022, with the support of the Commission, EU associations, companies, organisations, trade unions, universities, training providers and national federations set up a new partnership for skills in the digital ecosystem.
The European Research Council (ERC) recently announced the publication of its Work Programme for 2023.
On 6 July 2022 the World Health Organization and the International Digital Health and AI Research Collaborative (I-DAIR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the objective of promoting international research in digital health and artificial intelligence.
On 14 July 2022 a new in-depth analysis of all research projects funded by the European Research Council under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation framework programme has been made public.
On 17 July 2022 the European Commission published a summary report on the statistics on the use of animals for scientific purposes in the Member States of the European Union and Norway in 2019.
Are you interested to join the VPHi Board of Directors? Board members drive the Institute’s policy and define the annual activity plan. Have an active role in guiding the VPHi in 2023!
The VPH institute is looking for 2 motivated persons with a background in computer modeling and simulation, digital twins, artificial intelligence or health data to reinforce the team and help to build the ecosystem for digital twins in healthcare.
The VPH institute is looking for 2 motivated persons (a social scientist and a science communicator) to reinforce the team and help to build the ecosystem for digital twins in healthcare.
EU4CHILD, a project which aims to provide top-quality, evidence-based AI services to accelerate an early diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and care of children with cancer, has created a short survey to better understand the needs of their stakeholders.
Our VPHi member, Prof Stamatakos, released an interview for the Chinese and International platform of the technology and industry community “THE YUAN” on the emergence and the shaping of in silico medicine and its current status.
Click here to read some interesting recently published papers from our community. If you have published an article in the field of in silico medicine, send it to us: we will include it in this section of the newsletter!
New application deadline 1 August 2022
The luncheon offers trainees a special opportunity to meet and network with senior members of the community and receive career advice and insights. Check out the mentor list!
Application deadline 2 August 2022
Application deadline 18 September 2022
Starting date 1 October 2022
One of the many goals of the In Silico World project is to monitor the perception of in silico trials among senior management of medical industries and to promote citizen trust in in silico technologies. This month our partners, VPH Institute and KU Leuven, hosted the first focus group about in silico medicine.
Watch the first proof of concept of the numerical approach conceived to assess the mechanical performances of a pacemaker lead in SimCardioTest.
The researcher and clinical team at KU Leuven are developing an animal trial using pulmonary valve conduits to generate data for the modelling of the inflammation and mechano-mediated remodelling mechanisms in tissue-engineering scaffolds. This will allow SimInSitu researchers to predict the long-term response of the implanted biodegradable materials by in-silico predictions.
29 - 31 August 2022 - Iowa City
6 September 2022 - Porto, Portugal: REGISTER NOW
WORKSHOP 1: Using CompuCell3D as a Platform to Construct Multi-Scale Multicellular Agent-Based Virtual-Tissue Simulations of Development and Disease by James Glazier, Indiana University, USA
Workshop 2: SIMCARDIOTEST OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE – DEMO on OASIS: Computational fluid dynamics solver & SOFA: Simulation Open Framework Architecture by Kei Yamamoto, Simula; Camille Krewcun, Inria; Michele Barbier, Inria
Workshop 3: Public and patient outreach and engagement for in silico medicine, co-organized by the VPH institute, the Avicenna-Alliance Public-Patient Involvement (PPI) task force
8 - 10 October 2022 - Berlin, Germany Early bird registration/submission deadline: 31 July 2022
6 - 9 December 2022 - Las Vegas, USA Paper submission deadline: 21 Aug 2022
"The Virtual Physiological Human will revolutionise the way health knowledge is produced stored and managed as well as the way in which healthcare is currently delivered."
 European Commission
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