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Dear VPH friends,
2013 is in many ways an important year for the VPH Institute and research in Europe general. After a long negotiation process, the budget of H2020 was finally decided upon and drafts of the work programme are now circulating. In the draft of the work programme for Health, demographic change and wellbeing (that eHealth belongs too now), eHealth is unfortunately too frequently interpreted as mHealth (mobile health) or tele-Health, leaving very little room for in silico medicine and VPH-like research. We are trying via different means to raise support for in silico medicine, one of which is getting in touch with the national contact points, initiative that needs the collaboration of all VPH members. In the meantime, the Policy Affairs Working Group (PAWG) is in close contact with a number of MEPs that are supportive of VPH and who have expressed an interest in tabling a Question for Written Answer to the European Commission, expressing concern that support for in silico medicine is not specifically mentioned in the current draft of the Horizon 2020 2014 work programme.

Apart from that framework programme, there are several other activities at the European level that have implications for our research, such as the eHealth Action Plan and the discussions on the clinical trials directive and data protection regulation. On all these topics you can find the state of play further in this newsletter, as well as the actions we’re setting up in relation to them. 

The Policy Affairs Work Group is currently composed of a small group of engaged researchers, not necessary endowed with a great deal of expertise in policy matters or much time to spend. However, we all feel that it is important to for the future of our research and society to make our message heard and understood - and dealing with policy issues is part of that. If you want to learn more about the PAWG or get involved in our policy activities, simply send an e-mail to the VPHI manager ( expressing your interest. We hope to welcome many of you at our next teleconference meeting at the end of October!

Happy reading!
Lies Geris
On behalf of the Policy Affairs Work Group
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Raising support for VPH in the H2020 Work Programme for Health, demographic change and wellbeing
We need everybody help to stress the importance of in silico medicine in the work programme for Health: support our policy activities! 
European Parliament publishes report on eHealth
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Slow progress on Data Protection Regulation
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Check out the VPH Institute position paper on this topic
Parliamentary Question on Healthcare Data Digitalisation
Joint debate on Horizon 2020 (ITRE Committee)
Clinical Trials Transparency Debate
Informative Webinar on the new Participant Portal for H2020
Avicenna kicks off on Oct 1st
The beginning of the 21st century saw the birth of a completely new way to investigate living organisms through computer simulations, called in silico medicine. In the span of 24 months, this coordination and support action, named after the great physician Avicenna, will explore systematically how computer simulations can be used to improve clinical trials of drugs, devices, and biotechnology products.
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VPH 2016: call for bid
If you are interested to organize the next VPH conference, check out the bid. Deadline: Jan 15th, 2014
Networking session on 'in silico medicine'
Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO in Vilnius - Room B, 8 November 2013, 09:00 – 09:45
The VPH Institute was selected to lead one of the networking sessions which will take place at the ICT2013 conference in Vilnius (6-8 November 2013). You are all invited to attend and give your contribution.
  9-12 September 2014, Trodheim, Norway
§ Innovation driving patient care: Simulation, robotics and telemedicine
  12 November.2013; Bristol
  22-24 November 2013, Geneva, Switzerland
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