Subject: VPH Newsletter: January 2014

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Dear VPH friends,
It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we announce the Parliament has recently recognized the VPH technology to be a great value e-health solution. This is the hoped for outcome of the activities the Policy Affairs working group of the Institute has thoroughly carried out during the past months. A part from the satisfaction, this result is a strong confirmation that the work we are doing goes in the right direction to ensure the recognition of the VPH research, but it also reinforces the importance of speaking with one voice: only if we join forces we can get the results we need to make the VPH technology fully realised, universally adopted, and effectively used both in research and clinic.
In such an important moment, we take the chance to ask for your support: if you are not yet a member of the VPH Institute, come on board! This is the right time! We now offer different types of membership (including personal ones) that would require you only a minimal investment money-wise, but will give you the possibly to play an active role in the common mission of making the VPH technology a reality at its best extent, reinforcing our credibility as a leading community.
Best regards,
VPH Institute Manager

European Parliament endorses VPH!!
On 14 January 2014, Members of the European Parliament specifically endorsed the VPH initiative as a great value eHealth solutions!

Call for tender “Pilot project on the promotion of self-care systems in the European Union“
This interesting call launched by DG Sanco champions the enhancement of self-involvement in one’s own healthcare maintenance coupled with the development of effective self-care strategies at both EU and Member State levels. Read more
VPH Policy Affairs Working Group in 2014  
The scope for gains from digitally transforming health care 
Registration to the database of independent experts for European research and innovation now open 
Innovative digital technologies on Health, "transforming healthcare"

Physiology rocks: 4000 downloads in four months 
Our President, Prof Denis Noble, publishes an article in Experimental Physiology that skews the downloading statistics of the journal. Read more
Influence in silico Medicine with Avicenna
The Avicenna project kicked off on 1st October 2013. The project, which is partially funded by the European Commission, aims to create a Roadmap for the development of in silico clinical trials. Read more
Travel Awards for VPH conference
The VPH INSTITUTE has established Travel Awards with the purpose of allowing young researchers to participate at the next VPH conferences with priority to researchers from countries with low income (based on GDP per capita)Read more
§ First Chronic Diseases Summit
   3/4 April 2014, Brussels
  (ICMMB- 19)
  3/5 September 2014, Bologna
We need your support to ensure that the Virtual Physiological Human is fully realised, universally adopted, and effectively used both in research and clinic.
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